A Playable Duck Hunt Easter Egg Is Hidden in Heroes of the Storm's Main Menu

Click the trees.


The latest update for Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm brought with it more than just a new character and ranked play changes. It also introduced an Easter egg that is more than a passing reference to Nintendo classic Duck Hunt.

More specifically, a version of Duck Hunt is now playable in HotS' main menu. With the addition of Kharazim, Diablo III's monk, as a playable character, the menu has (as is the norm with a new character) been changed to feature him. As demonstrated in the video below from fan site Hereos Nexus, however, there is now a set of trees alongside Kharazim, and clicking on them kicks off a minigame.

Poorly animated ducks begin to fly out of the trees one at a time, and you can to click on them to shoot them before they fly away. You can't fire especially quickly, so you need to be precise with your aim in order to hit the target--which is, in true Duck Hunt fashion, marked with a white square. Ducks you take down are then held up by a treasure goblin, who serves as a stand-in for Duck Hunt's dog.

There's no mention of this addition in the patch's notes, and it's unknown whether it'll remain in place for as long as Kharazim is the featured character. There are several new characters on the way to HotS, though we don't yet have a precise timetable for when the next one is being added.

In addition to Kharazim, this latest HotS patch combined the two ranked play modes, introduced dynamic bundles, tweaked characters, and more. A new map is coming soon.

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