A New Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom-Themed Carrying Case Is On The Way

Protect your irl Purah Pad.


Tears of the Kingdom is the kind of game you want to play whenever and wherever you get the chance, but carrying your Nintendo Switch everywhere can be risky without a proper carrying case. Luckily, preorders for PowerA’s upcoming Tears of the Kingdom-themed Switch carrying case are now available at Amazon.

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The $20 protective case sports a zippered clamshell design with colors and decals inspired by Tears of the Kingdom and a rubberized handle for carrying. The case is large enough to fit the standard Switch or Switch OLED, and includes an optional adapter to fit Switch Lite models. The interior includes a mesh pocket and a foldable cartridge holder that holds up to 10 games.

PowerA’s Tears of the Kingdom-themed Nintendo Switch carrying case will be available on August 6th, but preordering now ensures you’ll get yours at launch.

Speaking of Zelda merch, a wave of other Tears of the Kingdom-inspired products have cropped up recently, including a few other carrying cases if you can’t wait until August 6th. Even the Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED is still in stock. Check the list below for a collection of some of our favorites.

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