A New Tony Hawk Game Is Coming Next Week For Mobile

The legendary skateboarder's video game career continues.

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A new Tony Hawk skateboarding game is in the works, but it might not be the one you want. Listings on Google Play and the Apple App Store show that a new free-to-play title, Tony Hawk's Skate Jam, is coming on December 13 to Android and iOS devices.

The iOS listing states that Skate Jam will have a "classic career mode," as well as "global skate jam tournaments." What's more, players can expect street, park, and vert skate disciplines, as well as "dozens" of skateboards to collect from Hawk's own Birdhouse brand.

"Tony Hawk's Skate Jam will set a new bar for authentic tricks, controls, and music in a mobile game, thanks to Tony," reads a line from the game's description.

As for playable skateboarders, the game mentions that Skate Jam will let you play as Tony Hawk himself, but no other skaters were mentioned.

Skate Jam is in development at Maple Media, a mobile game studio that previously released skateboarding games Skateboard Party and Skateboard Party 2.

The iOS store listing shows that Skate Jam is 1.4 GB, and confirms that it will feature microtransactions. The game will sell coin packs, though it's not clear yet what you can buy with them. Some kind of a "Starter Pack" will also be available. The listing states that a full announement of Skate Jam is coming soon.

  • Small Coin Pack -- $2
  • Medium Coin Pack -- $5
  • Large Coin Pack -- $10
  • Extra Large Coin Pack -- $20
  • Jumbo Coin Pack Coin Pack -- $50
  • Legendary Coin Pack -- $100
  • Starter Pack -- $2

Tony Hawk worked with Activision on numerous skateboarding games, starting with the 1999 original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. 2015's Pro Skater 5 is the latest entry in the long-running series. A mobile game called Tony Hawk's Shred Session was soft-launched in 2014, but it was never seen through to an official release.

In February this year, Hawk said he had stopped working with Activision on skateboarding games. A month before that, he stated that he was working on a new skateboarding game without Activision, and it appears this title is Skate Jam.

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Avatar image for sakaixx

at least 8 player on map, stat based, competitive play, personalized characters.... Yep, the perfect recipe for mtx

Avatar image for burnettaj

I'll pass. Mobile games are not good and usually money grabs.

Avatar image for bbq_R0ADK1LL

Why play this when you can play Warframe? The new hoverboards are awesome!

Avatar image for imajinn

Lol. Like anyone wants this? I would have loved to have seen THPS done right again on a console. Which I thought could happen after his departure from Activision. Guess it'll never happen. Definitely a hard pass on this mobile garb.

Avatar image for snugglebear

Wow, gotta spend all my money on those coin packs for a mobile game for a deceased franchise!

Avatar image for Tidus1012

Its a free to play game and they confirmed microtransactions, ok geniuses.

Who in the actual **** will buy the jumbo and legendary packs? $100 seriously? For insignificant coins for a meaningless mobile game? Maybe people with some kind of brain damage.

Avatar image for sparent180

@Tidus1012: I say that about every game with microtransactions and in game currency, "who would actually spend real life money for virtual money in a videogame?" Yet people do and companies continue to add this feature to their games. I'd like to think it's mostly younger kids that don't know any better but that would require a parent either being complicit or ignorant to what their child is spend money on.

Avatar image for greatatemi

Holy.... First C&C, then Diablo, and now Tony Hawk??? What is wrong with the gaming industry???

Avatar image for sparent180

@greatatemi: companies are realizing they can make just as much, if not more, money by releasing smaller "free to play" games oppose to a developing a bigger budget title that isn't going to sell well for $60.

Avatar image for Uncle_Rell

Why was this not in developer hell?

Avatar image for struvokreborn

couldnt be any worse than the last tony hawk game right? oh wait. lets just make it your every day run of the mill freemium trash and try to prey on the children and whales who dont have a sense of value and cant control their spending habits.

i guess thats where the industry is going. taking the name of the franchise or character who was once popular, and use it to try to bleed peoples wallets dry.

Avatar image for lembu90

Broken game, broken franchise.

Avatar image for mrdinghat

...who in their right mind would ever consider playing a Tony Hawk (style) game on a touchscreen?

Avatar image for sparent180

@mrdinghat: I was going to say the same thing. The Tony Hawk games, for the most part, are pretty fun and I like the idea of a mobile version. I just don't see it functionally working well with a touch screen. Some of the combos and moves were tricky enough with a gamepad, unless they really dumb down the controls I expect it to be a mess on touch screen.