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A New Texas Chain Saw Massacre Map Is Coming Later This Month

Players will be able to play the new map on March 28.


Gun Media has revealed that a new map is headed to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The new location, called The Mill, is scheduled to release on March 28. Like the other maps in the game, this one will be based on one of the many locations from the films.

The teaser was posted on the official Texas Chain Saw X/Twitter account. The tweet reads:

"Enjoy a closer look at The Mill where players will be able to scramble up multiple floors, traverse through a Ghost Town, or sneak around a dry river bed. Available March 28th."

Even though the video isn't all that long, we're given a good glimpse at what to expect on March 28. Based on the trailer, it's clear that the top portion of the map will have plenty of obstacles and traps, while the basement seems to be another tight-knit area with lost of quick escapes.

It's also worth mentioning that this isn't the only thing that Gun Media was teasing. In the same thread promoting the upcoming map, a user asked if there was any news on the upcoming survivor, Virginia. The official account responded by saying, "Stay tuned :)"

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