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A New Lego Minecraft Diorama Set Is On The Way

The Lego Minecraft Crafting Table diorama will feature numerous mini-scenes, characters, and easter eggs.


In celebration of Minecraft's 15th anniversary, Lego is releasing a new diorama kit based on the Minecraft Crafting Table that players are sure to recognize. The kit is packed with references from the game, including customizable landscape scenes and a collection of new microfigures based on Minecraft characters, NPCs, and enemies. The set launches later this year, but preorders are already available online.

The Lego Minecraft Crafting Table is a 1,195-piece kit that, naturally, resembles the in-game crafting table, but with two open sides and a removable top that reveals an interior landscape diorama. The inner diorama includes 12 mini scenes based on the game's many biomes, including overworld zones like the Plains, Forest, and Cherry Grove, and underground sections like Dripstone Cave, Deep Dark, and more. The model assembles into a cube that stands 5.5 inches tall, six inches wide, and six inches deep.

Lego Minecraft Crafting Table
Lego Minecraft Crafting Table

To fit with the set's compact size, the Lego Minecraft Crafting Table comes with eight "microfigures," which are even tinier versions of the iconic Lego minifigures. The eight microfigures for this set include the Minecraft mascots Steve and Alex, in-game monsters like the Creeper, skeleton, and witch, and friendly NPCs the villager, cow, and pig. There is also a selection of swappable display bricks featuring famous phrases from the game, like "Create New World," "You Are The Player 1," and the Minecraft logo that you can place on designated panels on the outside of the diorama. The official description also promises Easter Eggs and references hidden throughout the set, so this sounds like it'll be a fun build for long-time fans of the game.

The Lego Minecraft Crafting Table set launches on August 1 for $90. You can preorder it now at Amazon and Lego's online store.

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