'A new kind of FPS' Strike Vector hits Steam Jan. 28

The "brutal aerial FPS" from Ragequit Corporation will launch on Steam after 15 months of development.

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Independent developer Ragequit Corporation will release its multiplayer aerial shooter Strike Vector on Steam Jan. 28.

While Strike Vector's Steam page doesn't show a price for the game at this time, Eurogamer previously reported that it will sell for $25.

The small team of nine developers worked on Strike Vector for 15 months, which is quite a feat given how beautiful the game looks.

Though Strike Vector can be played from a first or third-person perspective, Ragequit describes it as "a new kind of fast FPS which takes place in the sky in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world. In the pure tradition of the sacred monsters of hardcore FPS such as Quake 3, Strike Vector will offer you a massive challenge."

Each player pilots a VTOL, which has a high speed Jet Mode, and a Stationary Mode, allowing you to strafe in all direction and take more precise shots. The game will feature eight unique weapons and specialization perks, and eight arenas.

Ragequit promises that all future content for Strike Vector will be provided for free.

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