A New Evil Dead Game Is Coming To Console And PC--But Not VR

Bruce Campbell himself confirms that a new game is on the way but that's all we know about it.

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A new Evil Dead game is on the way, actor Bruce Campbell has confirmed. Writing on Twitter, Campbell--who plays Ash Williams in the series--clarified that the game is being developed for console and PC, not virtual reality as some reports might have suggested.

That's all the information there is to go on at this stage, so we don't know what kind of game it will be, when it will release, who is developing it, and other key particulars.

Whatever the case, it'll be the first new Evil Dead game in a long time. Three Evil Dead games were released in the 2000s, including Evil Dead: Hail to the King (2000), Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick (2003), and Evil Dead: Regeneration (2005). Each title was developed by a different studio, though they were all published by the now-defunct THQ.

While THQ went under, the THQ name was acquired by Nordic Games which later re-branded itself as THQ Nordic. The company is now bringing back a number of THQ properties, including SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom, but it's not clear if THQ Nordic owns the rights for Evil Dead.

In August 2018, Campbell confirmed to Bloody-Disgusting that the new Evil Dead game is a "whole immersive kind of dealio." He also confirmed that he'll be voicing Ash in the game because he "wouldn't want someone else's voice hamming it up."

Would you be interested in a new Evil Dead game? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thank god, a game like the wouldn't appeal to a group as small as 10 million players. A game like Army of Darkness has to be a hardcore action game. Hopefully a doom style FPS.

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If you ask me, the best possible Evil Dead game would have to be designed similarly to Until Dawn.

If I were to write it, I’d have a young Ash pull up to that cabin and start the whole thing over, only for Ash to die like a half hour or an hour into the game, and then reset the timeline with events playing out differently like some twisted Groundhog Day. The actress playing Ash’s girlfriend would change, the people who arrive at the cabin (with or without Ash) would change, and the power the Evil has would increase every time the timeline resets. How many characters show up each time the timeline resets would depend on how many people you actually save. Save the maximum number of people and the final reset brings in the characters from the Remake as well. At some point in the story, Ash would realize he’s in a loop and the Evil has been making itself more and more powerful by making Ash relive events over and over. Ash would remember dying over and over, explaining away inconsistencies from each film, game, comic, and TV Show that features the character, even showing his death at the hands of the alternate ending from Army of Darkness.

The “True” ending would be the most absurd and difficult one to obtain because you’d have to save everyone up until the final reset (a difficult task on its own), then during the last reset, everyone has to die (also difficult), and the result is having to contend with the evil when it is more powerful than ever, and there are far more deadites than was seen in previous resets.

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... Groovy

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fist full of boomstick wasn't a "good" game but I found it thoroughly enjoyable, I'd be down for a new one.

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This type of gory game would be awesome in VR. One day. Don’t leave us before it happens, Bruce!

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Hell yeah, I'll take all the Evil Dead I can get!