A New Dragon Quest Builders 2 Update Has Added An Epilogue, A Third Save Slot, And Much More

Includes numerous quality of life improvements.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 has received a substantial free update, extending the game's ending and giving players more options and save slots. The update is live now and available to download.

The update gives players a third save file, as well as a third storage slot for Buildertopia islands. There are numerous tweaks across the board, but the most substantial addition is the new epilogue content, which follows on from where the game's story ends. It will let you check in on various characters from the adventure, if you want to see what they're up to. The full list of changes and additions introduced in this update is below.

  • New "Where are they now?" story content has been added for certain characters who appeared in the main scenario
  • The number of Buildertopia islands that can be stored at one time has been increased to three
  • The number of save slots has been increased to three
  • New hairstyles have been added to the dressing table
  • A new plant growth option has been added to the Settings menu
  • The cursor speed for the Buildnoculars can now be adjusted from the Settings menu
  • Five new items have been added that can change the weather on certain islands
  • The number of rooms that exist on an island will now display when the game is paused
  • The speed of the animation when learning a recipe using gratitude points has been adjusted
  • The action of waving the war banner after the game has been completed has been adjusted
  • An arrow indicating the direction that certain objects will face now displays before they are put down
  • Other miscellaneous fixes

In her 8/10 review of Dragon Quest Builders 2, Heidi Kemps praised it as "the sort of game that you'll intend to play for a little while, only to find that hours have flown by once you manage to actually put it down." The game is available on Switch and PS4.

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