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A New Covert Espionage FPS, I Am Your Beast, Revealed By El Paso, Elsewhere Dev

The next game from El Paso, Elsewhere developer Strange Scaffold has been revealed.


Today, during the PC Gaming Show, Strange Scaffold--following up its 2023 critical hit El Paso Elsewhere--announced I Am Your Beast, a first-person shooter with a hint of covert espionage mixed in.

I Am Your Beast follows the story of Alphonse Harding, a retired secret agent who has been asked to complete "one last job" more times than he can count. Finally, he refuses, which forces the Covert Operations Initiative assigning the jobs to turn on him, and players will assume the role of Harding as he fights back against the shadowy group.

The story plays out through over 20 different levels, each with fully voiced characters and a comic-book-inspired art style. Players will use pistols, sniper rifles, and more against the COI as they climb trees and explode heads while resisting the hostile forces.

I Am Your Beast is the latest from Strange Scaffold, whose recent games include the aforementioned El Paso, Elsewhere, Life Eater, and Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator. A demo for the game will be part of the Steam Next Fest event beginning June 10.

I Am Your Beast launches August 15 for PC, and two weeks later on August 28 for iOS devices.

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