A New Call Of Duty: Warzone World Record Has Been Set For Kills In A Solos Match

Watch the epic CoD battle royale match to see how this former professional Apex Legends player set the record.


There is a new world record for most kills in a Call of Duty: Warzone solos match: a whopping 37 kills. The new record was set by streamer HusKerrs, a former Apex Legends pro player.

You can now watch this entire record-setting match below (via GamesRadar), and it's damn impressive. Upon dropping on top of a building, HusKerrs immediately gets into a heavy firefight and nearly goes down. He ends up wiping five enemies from the rooftop, which is more kills than most people probably get in an entire match.

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He just keeps on truckin' from there, strategically using the helicopter to move from building to building and smoking people with his grenade launcher and sharpshooting skills.

At 5:24 in the video, HusKerrs is inches away from death, but he survives with very minimal armor and wipes out even more players before getting healed up and restocked for the next battle. At 7:05, HusKerrs gets taken down in a close-range firefight, but he emerges victorious from the Gulag and redeploys. He's able to drop near where he died and basically just re-kits to put himself in a good position for the upcoming bloodbath.

Watch the full video to see how HusKerrs pulled off this impressive Warzone victory.

In other news, Warzone recently launched a special new variant for Trios where players are limited to shotguns and snipers. Trios was dropped a few days later. Meanwhile, the standard Modern Warfare multiplayer mode has brought back the chaotic Drop Zone mode, and a double XP event is coming this weekend.

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