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A Much-Anticipated Palworld Feature Is Out Now On Xbox, But Not For Everyone

Using the Xbox Insiders app, Palworld players on Xbox or Windows can enroll to play updates ahead of their official release.


Palworld is still in early access, and now Xbox Insiders will be able to test out new updates and features ahead of their official release as part of the Palworld Update Preview. In the game's first preview update available now, players will be able to spin up and join dedicated servers on Xbox and Windows.

For those worried about the preview updates messing up their existing characters and Pal collections, the Xbox Preview version of Palworld is fully compatible with existing saves, meaning players won't lose progress upon joining the program.

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To opt in to the preview program, players will need to be an Xbox Insider member (which can be done via the Xbox Insider Hub app) and have Palworld (available on Game Pass) as well as the Xbox Insider Hub app installed. Inside the Xbox Insider Hub app, the option to join the Palworld Update Preview should be listed under the Previews section. Players will then install the preview update for Palworld, after which they will be able to play new upcoming features.

Palworld has proven to be a big hit for Xbox, with more than 10 million players having tried out developer Pocketpair's Pokemon-esque survival game within its first month. Over 25 million players have played Palworld when including PC players via Steam. Palworld is not currently available on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch.

Not all the attention Palworld has received has been good attention, however. Nintendo issued a statement following the game's massive launch that it would be investigating the title for copyright infringement in the wake of a Pokemon mod for Palworld and accusations on social media of plagiarism related to Pocketpair allegedly using Pokemon models as a basis for their own creatures.

Palworld's next major update, the Sakurajima update, is set to arrive on June 27 and will add a new island to explore, new Pal species to collect, expanded building options, a new level cap, and the previously mentioned dedicated servers for Xbox, which are already available for PC players.

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