A Month Later, A Million Chooms Are Still Logging Into Cyberpunk 2077 Every Day

The redemption arc of Cyberpunk 2077 continues.


Cyberpunk 2077's recent resurgence on gaming charts hasn't been short-lived, as developer CD Projekt Red has confirmed that the game has had 1 million active players every day, for four weeks. CDPR celebrated the news with a tweet and a new GIF, which riffs on the popular Parks and Recreation meme starring Chris Pratt's bewildered face.

A number of factors have seen Cyberpunk 2077's popularity explode in recent weeks, helping the game begin its redemption arc after a disastrous launch. A series of patches and fine-tuning since December 2020 have helped improve the Night City sandbox, an update for current-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles increased Cyberpunk 2077's visual presentation, and the announcement of the Phantom Liberty expansion all helped draw players back to the fold.

The Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime series also boosted the profile of the game, which combined with some steep discounts, saw sales skyrocket. Don't expect a sequel to Edgerunners though, as that well-received story animated by Studio Trigger is a one-and-done project.

CD Projekt has big plans for the future of Cyberpunk 2077, as a sequel is officially in development under the codename of Project Orion and will "prove the full power and potential of the Cyberpunk universe" when it is released according to the company. Development is moving from Poland to a new studio in the US, and the core Cyberpunk 2077 team will be shipping up to Boston to work on the sequel.

Beyond Cyberpunk, CD Projekt also announced a new Witcher trilogy and a new IP is being worked on, as part of an ambitious plan to focus on multiple AAA game projects.

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