A Megadeth Video Game Is Coming, Dave Mustaine Says

Rock on.


Following in the footsteps of bands like Iron Maiden and Avenged Sevenfold, the American metal band Megadeth is making its own video game, apparently.

Frontman Dave Mustaine appeared at the New York Stock Exchange recently and spoke about Megadeth's wine and beer businesses ventures--and also video games. "I'm working on a video game that encompasses a lot of the band's history and a lot of little riffs that we've never used before, stuff like that," Mustaine explained (via Loudwire).

That's all Mustaine had to say about the Megadeth video game. So we don't know what yet what form the game will take or what platforms it will be released on. His comment about the game containing previously unheard riffs is a pretty nice treat for fans.

Mustaine also said in the interview that Megadeth is preparing for its next tour, and is due to release one more record under its current contract. "I don't see the end in sight for us, because the band's getting along really well right now, and we're playing great."

Avenged Sevenfold's video game, Hail to the King: Deathbat, features seven areas inspired by the band's discography and artwork. It also uses some of the band's best-known songs, as well as new ones that Avenged Sevenfold wrote for the game.

We'll report back with more details on Megadeth's video game in the time ahead.

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