A Massive Bowser Statue Built Entirely Of Legos Will Feature At San Diego Comic-Con

Over 600 thousand bricks will bring the King of the Koopas to the convention floor.


To celebrate the announcement of the Mighty Bowser Lego set last week, Nintendo and The Lego Group have announced that a super-sized version of the Mushroom Kingdom villain will invade San Diego Comic-Con and Lego World in The Netherlands.

The colossal Koopa statue--which uses over 663,000 Lego bricks--will stand over 14 feet tall on the San Diego Comic-Con show floor. The statue will also move and interact with attendees, as the arms, head, eyes, eyebrows, and jaw all move via a special control panel.

The mega-sized Lego statue is in celebration of the Mighty Bowser Lego set, which will launch October 1. The $270 set will let Lego fans build a 12.5-inch version of King Koopa--as well as a stand to display the finished product--with just over 2,800 pieces. The display stand will also have pressure points that interact with Lego Mario, Luigi, and Peach from other sets, which will simulate battles between the heroes and the epic villain.

San Diego Comic-Con will return to the San Diego Convention Center July 21 to 24. Lego isn't the only toy maker giving attendees a unique opportunity, as Hasbro will allow a few lucky folks to turn themselves into an action figure.

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