A look inside the PlayStation 4

Director of Sony's engineering department dismantles upcoming next-generation console in new video.


Images and video of the PS4's exterior have been widely circulated so far, but a new video from Wired shows for the first time what the next-generation console looks like on the inside.

Image Credit: Wired
Image Credit: Wired

Yasuhiro Ootori, director of Sony's engineering department, dismantles the $400 system piece-by- piece in the five-minute video.

On display in the video is the PS4's x86 CPU, 8GB of GDDR5 memory, its internal power supply, optical drive, Bluetooth antenna, 85mm centrifugal fan, and heat sink, among other components.

Also shown off is the PS4's 500GB hard drive, which can be swapped out for a larger size, so long as it meets certain requirements.

The PS4 launches next Friday, November 15, for $400. The system comes to Europe on November 29.

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