A Look at Gothic's Monsters

New screens of the orcs and other nasties from the upcoming action RPG.


Piranha Bytes and Egmont Interactive have released new screenshots of some of the monsters in their upcoming action/role-playing game, Gothic. In Gothic, you'll need to fight your way out of a dismal prison - a prison populated with, of all things, orcs and goblins. But these critters are anything but ordinary - they're arranged into complex social strata. For instance, you'll encounter three different castes of orc: warriors, scouts, and shamans.

According to the publisher, "in addition to the orcs, the goblins have been woven into the complex social network of Gothic monsters." You'll encounter two types of goblins in Gothic - the weaker, more primitive green ones, and the more gregarious and intelligent black ones. The latter have been known to associate with trolls - but you'll have to wait to see those. In the meantime, take a look at the pictures of some of Gothic's orcs and goblins.

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