A Levi's x Pokemon Clothing Line Is Coming And It's... A Lot

Roll up to the club wearing green Pokemon denim.


Listen, we've seen some pretty cool Nintendo merch collaborations in recent years. There's the recent ColourPop x Animal Crossing collaboration, and last year's Mario 35th-anniversary celebrations brought all kinds of product collabs, from basketball shoes to a new version of Jenga. But nothing has evoked quite the same reaction from us as the latest product collab with Nintendo, an apparel line releasing as part of Pokemon's 25th-anniversary celebrations this year. But we're not talking about new Uniqlo graphic tees this time--no, we're talking about Levi's x Pokemon, "coming soon" in 2021.

Apparel brand Levi's announced the collaboration via social media on Wednesday, teasing the upcoming clothing line with a close-up shot of a denim jacket. Except this isn't your average denim jacket--instead of standard Levi's blue, the jacket has a green-and-brown forest background with flowers along with various Pokemon lurking in its leaves, including Ekans, Oddish, Bulbasaur, Psyduck, and more.

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Maybe we'll feel differently when we see the full jacket, but at first glance, this piece of clothing is a lot to take in. The green forest-y background feels at odds with the bright red and yellow flowers peeking through. There's not even a consistent theme with the Pokemon included--sure, it makes sense to have grass-type Pokemon like Bulbasaur and Oddish here, but why are Mewtwo and Squirtle hanging out in the forest as well?

And then we come to the pants. Twitter account PokeJungle shared photos of two pairs of pants that appear to be from the Levi's x Pokemon collection, taken from early listings (one of which can still be seen at Urban Outfitters). The first pair of denim pants is identical to the jacket design, meaning you'll be able to rock a full green denim Pokemon look from head to toe. The other pair of jeans is a standard light blue denim design--except for the massive Pikachu on the right thigh. These will sell for $148 USD each, according to PokeJungle.

And don't worry about having to carry around a purse or bag that doesn't match your 'fit--the collection will include a drawstring bag with the same forest design as the jacket and jeans. Convenient!

This might be one of the stranger Nintendo collaborations we've ever seen--but at the same time, we kind of love it. And all we know for sure is that we need to see more photos of the Levi's x Pokemon collection ASAP. There's no word yet on a release date for the collection, but we can expect to see more Pokemon collabs like this throughout the year--Nintendo has teased new products with Build-A-Bear, General Mills, McDonald's, and more.

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