A Helldivers Sequel Has Been Heavily Teased

The game could be the latest entry in the NVIDIA leak to come true.


It's been years since Arrowhead Game Studio's shoot-em-up Helldivers first landed, and fans have been clamoring for a follow-up ever since. If a recent tease from the studio is any indication, a Helldivers sequel is much more likely than folks might have believed.

In a TikTok posted to the studio's Twitter account this morning, its social media manager is seen innocently starting their workday before being bombarded by demands from fans for a Helldivers sequel. Most interestingly, just before they open their browser, a folder can be seen just above it, titled "SECRET ARROWHEAD GAME PROJECT," not only confirming that it's working on something new, but heavily implying the project is a sequel to the studio's beloved game.

To make things more interesting, a Helldivers sequel just so happened to be included in the now-infamous, and repeatedly correct, NVIDIA GeForce leak. This year alone, major sequels like Kingdom Hearts IV and Dragon's Dogma 2, which appeared in the leak, were confirmed to be in development, lending a lot of weight to the teaser from Arrowhead.

Helldivers enjoyed a warm reception when it released on PlayStation systems and PC in 2015, establishing a passionate fanbase enamored by its hardcore tendencies, including the absence of difficulty settings and friendly-fire that couldn't be turned off. In GameSpot's Helldivers review, we called it "a hugely entertaining space romp, despite bearing a few battle scars. It is truly a game designed for precious water cooler moments, when you can tell stories of fights barely won, and anecdotes detailing white-knuckle flights from insatiable hordes."

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