A Gilmore Girls Themed Fire Emblem Mod Is Available To Play

A powerful crossover indeed.


Fire Emblem--your favorite RPG franchise that combines chess and dating--and Gilmore Girls got a fan-made crossover. The creator, Marlowe Dobb, borrowed the power of both cult classics to create an hour-long Fire Emblem Sacred Stones mod with characters and plotlines from Gilmore Girls.

According to Fire Emblem: Gilmore Girls' itch.io page, the mod contains four custom maps, multiple playable characters, fun dialogue, and "depictions of a normal mother-daughter relationship." Playing the mod requires a ROM version of FE Sacred Stones and a .ups patch applying software.

Fire Emblem has received a lot of great fan-made mods over the years. Fire Emblem Girls, a standout mod that also uses FE Sacred Stones as its base, impressively upgrades the difficulty of the original game and includes a ton of other custom content. Like the name implies, all the characters in Fire Emblem Girls are female characters from different Fire Emblem games.

Fire Emblem Midori is another FE Sacred Stones mod, but one with a tongue-in-cheek cast. All units are green-haired characters from across the franchise. Like FE Girls, FE Midori upgrades the game's difficulty and throws in new skills and mechanics from other FE titles.

The latest FE installment, Fire Emblem Three Houses, was a smash hit. It was released in 2019 and became the best-selling FE title as of November 2020.

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