A First-Person GTA 5 Looks Like This

See the world of Los Santos from a new perspective.


Rockstar Games' acclaimed open-world game Grand Theft Auto V is a third-person game, but what would it look like if you controlled Michael, Trevor, and Franklin from a first-person perspective? Now we know, thanks to YouTube user XBLToothPik (via Eurogamer), who has published a pair of videos (above and below) showing the familiar world of Los Santos from an entirely new perspective.

Using a modded Xbox 360, XBLToothPik made use of a script to change the perspective. It's a bit rough. But if you've ever wondered what walking the streets of Los Santos or piloting a plane above the mountains of Blaine County looks like from a first-person perspective, here's your chance. You can also imagine the possibility for virtual reality.

With GTA V coming to PC later this year, you can expect the modding community to have a field day with unique and imaginative mods--just like it did for Grand Theft Auto IV. There's no word yet on when specifically this fall the PC version--or Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions for that matter--will be released.

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