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A dozen new Doom 3 screens surface

First Xbox screens in nearly a year give a glimpse of the console version of the horror shooter.


Nearly a year after it released the first handful of Xbox Doom 3 screenshots, Activision has unveiled several new screens from the sequel to the genre-founding shooter. The screens are being bundled with the Doom Collector's Edition, which is currently sold out at the id Software store.

While unaccompanied by any plot details, the dozen images do offer a glimpse of the console version of Doom 3, which is also being released for the PC. All 12 of the shots appear to be in-engine, and show the menagerie of hellish foes players will have to shoot, blow apart, and otherwise massacre.

While no firm release date has been set yet, Activision is tentatively planning to release Doom 3 for the Xbox sometime this year. Developed by Vicarious Visions, the game will be released only after id finishes the PC version, which has been in the works since the 20th Century.

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