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A Destiny 2 Live Event Is Happening Now [Update: It's Over]

Bungie is doing a small live event to cap off the Season of Arrivals before the Beyond Light expansion kicks off.


Update: The event has ended, coinciding with Destiny's servers being shut down. At first, players heard ominous messages from their Ghost, who noted that every Guardian fireteam had returned to the Last City to protect people. "Last time this happened, the world ended," Ghost said.

Eris Morn also chimed in, saying that the Traveler was healing itself. But she also didn't think it would help stop the Darkness. "This is not the end--this is an escalation," Eris said.

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Moments later, the image cut to a shot of the Director, the solar system map players use to navigate Destiny 2's destinations. The ones on the left side of the screen, marked by Darkness pyramid ships, were slowly overwhelmed in black as tendrils snaked toward the Traveler, which simultaneously healed itself.

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That image mirrors one from Destiny 1's opening movie that explained the Collapse, the apocalyptic event that ended the Golden Age and brought about the state of the world where players find themselves. In the Destiny 1 movie, black tendrils snake in from all sides to assault the Traveler at the center.

Screens then cut to black. Players were met with an ominous final message:

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For now, Destiny 2's servers are down, but they're slated to come back online for Beyond Light at noon PT / 3 PM ET on Tuesday, November 10.

Original Story: Destiny 2 is about to enter its next big chapter with the release of the Beyond Light expansion on Tuesday, November 10, and it's made some big story moves in the last season. One more thing is on the way before servers go offline on November 9 to make way for the expansion: another in-game live event.

Bungie has been cagey about the event but has suggested that it'll be pretty small-scale. A small update is now live in the game, which you'll need to download before the event starts.

Once you're in, check the Tower map in the Director for a blue banner at the top, which will let you launch a limited-time mission. It looks as though it's set in the old Tower. We'll have more details once we've tried it.

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The mission sends you out into the Last City, to investigate a strange sensation Ghosts all over the planet are sensing. Along the way, you're hit by a wave of Light that gives you a boost called "Quickness" that makes you move faster and allows you to jump higher. After moving through a door, you'll find yourself on a skyscraper rooftop with lots of other Guardians, and it seems we'll be waiting here to watch what happens--there doesn't seem to be much else to do.

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It's notable that the Traveler seems to be glowing, though, with arcs of energy coursing around it. Some players have speculated the event might end with the Traveler healing, and that seems very likely. Playing the mission also earns you a new emblem, Calamity Protocol.

If you're having a hard time getting into Destiny right now, though, you're not alone. With so many players attempting to log in to see the live event, Destiny 2 servers seem to be struggling and producing a lot of connection errors.

The story of the Season of Arrivals has seen the in-game run-up to several Destiny 2 locations being "vaulted," or indefinitely removed from the game. Titan, Io, Mercury, Mars, and the Leviathan are all being removed in Beyond Light, and those destinations have seen story beats throughout the season as an explanation for that happening, in which you've tried to help prepare to evacuate those planets. It seems like the live event might be a capper on that story ahead of the launch of Beyond Light and its big changes to Destiny 2.

It's also worth noting that Destiny 2 servers go offline at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET Monday night for maintenance ahead of Beyond Light. They're expected to go live with the new expansion at noon PT / 3 PM ET on Tuesday.

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