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A Criminally Underappreciated Switch Game Is Super Cheap Right Now [Update: Sold Out]

Get the Switch version of Sushi Striker for only $6.


Update: The Switch version of Sushi Striker is now sold out at Newegg, but the 3DS version is still in stock. The original story follows.

The Nintendo Switch is home to a ton of hidden gems, but one that you may have overlooked is Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido, a charming sushi-matching puzzler from Nintendo and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy developer Indieszero. If you've missed out on the game, you have a chance to right that wrong and pick it up for a fraction of its usual price thanks to this fantastic deal.

As spotted by Cheap Ass Gamer, Sushi Striker is available for dirt cheap right now at Newegg. The game is currently listed for $12--more than 70% off its usual MSRP of $50--and you can drop that price even further to $6 with the discount code EMCTDVE22. Simply apply the code at checkout to get the extra discount.

See Sushi Striker at Newegg

Sushi Striker casts players in the role of Musashi, a young Sushi Striker who sets out on a quest to liberate the world's sushi supply from the evil empire. The game features more than 150 stages, which unfold as fast-paced, plate-matching battles against the empire's minions. The story is as knowingly ridiculous as it sounds, and the theme song alone is worth the price of admission.

We gave the game a 7/10 in our Sushi Striker review. "Despite its imperfect transition to Switch, Sushi Striker is one of the more enjoyable puzzle games in the console's library. With a substantial campaign that's propped up by clever mechanics and a charmingly ludicrous story, the game offers a wealth of single- and multiplayer content to dive into," we wrote.

Sushi Striker is also available for 3DS. That version normally retails for $40, but Newegg has it listed for $10, and the aforementioned discount code will drop the price down to $5.

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