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A Bit Of Bloodborne Is Coming To PS5, But Not In The Way Fans Want

The recently announced Astro Bot features a Bloodborne-themed skin in its digital deluxe edition, which seems like salt in the wound for those waiting for a sequel.


A hypothetical Bloodborne 2 is arguably one of the most-requested gaming sequels of our current era, and Sony and From Software have left fans out in the cold for years. Now, the upcoming 3D platformer Astro Bot will offer a Bloodborne-themed skin in its digital deluxe edition, which is a bit cruel for those who have been waiting almost a decade for a sequel.

The digital deluxe contents for Astro Bot
The digital deluxe contents for Astro Bot

As shown over at PlayStation Blog, the digital deluxe edition of Astro Bot will include three outfits, including the shiny Golden, the PaRappa Lovestruck Lyricist, and the gothic-looking Yharnam Hunter. Bloodborne fans will no doubt recognize the iconic hat and cowl that is closely associated with the aesthetic of one of Sony's most beloved exclusives.

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While it's nice to see an overt reference to Bloodborne, the fact that it comes alongside a skin for a "legacy" character that hasn't starred in a new game since 2002 doesn't exactly instill confidence. Still, it's a reminder that Sony is well-aware of the large contingent of Yharnamite fans out there, even if the company is content to leave those fans disappointed for now.

Rumors of a Bloodborne remake from Bluepoint (which co-developed the PS5 Demon's Souls remake) have swirled for years, but they've never been officially confirmed or denied. Earlier this year, game director Hidetaka Miyazaki told Eurogamer that any such remake or sequel would be up to Sony, and said that it's possible that Sony may wait until it releases new hardware to remake the game.

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