93 million people play Candy Crush Saga daily -- Do you?

Developer King.com files for IPO and reveals many interesting player statistics.

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93 million people play Candy Crush Saga every day. Do you?

That's one of many interesting facts developer King.com announced today as part of its of an initial public offering (IPO) statement, filed today with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission. The prospectus does not list a price point at which King will offer shares (to be listed as "KING"), but the company said it's aiming to raise $500 million from the IPO.

The document makes it obvious why King is likely to be considered a risky investment. The social game studio has a massive audience of 128 million daily active users and over 1.2 billion daily game sessions, but Candy Crush Saga makes up 93 million of those daily users and accounts for 1.085 billion of those games.

King's next closest game to Candy Crush Saga is Pet Rescue Saga, which has 15 million daily active users who play 129 million games per day.

Basically, King might appear to investors as a one-hit wonder of a game studio. However, King has been in business since 2003 and said today that it believes it has a "repeatable and scalable game development process that is unparalleled in our industry."

In 2013, King Digital Entertainment enjoyed a year of massive financial success, pulling in a profit of $568 million, an increase of more than 7,000 percent from $7.845 million in 2012. A plan to sustain that growth is what investors will no doubt look to, and it's exactly what King delivered.

Because Candy Crush Saga makes up such a hefty percentage of King's revenue (78 percent of total gross bookings in the fourth quarter), King acknowledged that it must develop new games and "enhanced our existing games" so that people will continue to play and complete the all-important in-game payments.

Some of the other risks King admitted it faces involve being able to succeed against increased competition, adapt to player preferences, hire and retain skilled personnel, and minimize and quickly resolve bugs or game outages.

King has made headlines so far in 2014 for its staunch stance on intellectual property (IP). Last month, King responded to the recent wave of criticisms lodged against the company concerning its trademark request for the word "Candy," its opposition to The Banner Saga, and one indie developer's claim that they stole his game. The developer of CandySwipe has since come out to deride King for trying to revoke his trademark.

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