92% of People Have Games They Don't Play, Claims Report

Results from GameStop-commissioned survey say gamers are "leaving money on the table."


The results of a survey conducted by retailer GameStop have claimed a significant number of players hold on to games they don't play.

The study, released this week, states "approximately two in five gamers are leaving upwards of $200 unclaimed by holding on to unused games."

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The survey was commissioned by the retailer and conducted by its research partner Survata. Between June 22 and June 24, a total of 400 responders ages 25 to 54 responded to the online survey. The margin of error provided was 4.79 percent.

According to the results "92 percent of those surveyed owns at least one video game disc her or she no longer plays."

It continues: "One-third of those surveyed (33 percent) said they have between five and nine unused games lying around the house, while 38 percent said they have as many as 10 to 20 unused games."

Key factors in why people don't trade-in games are cited as "inertia--28 percent have considered trading in games at GameStop but haven't gotten around to it," as well as "27 percent ... only [trading in] when they were motivated by empty wallets."

GameStop, like many other modern retailers, encourages its customers to trade in used games in return for cash or credit value. These games are then re-sold as secondhand products. Used games represent the largest source of profit for GameStop.

Its survey results also state "92 percent [of respondents] have postponed new video game purchases in the past for financial reasons," before presenting itself as a solution to this problem.

"With hundreds of pre-owned items valued at more than $20 when traded at GameStop, gamers have potential for substantial cash and credit just waiting to be claimed so they can afford to buy new video games immediately."

"Video games are more than just a hobby--they are a passion--and GameStop has the perfect solution for value conscious gamers eager to get their hands on the new games they want, when they want them, said Kyle Leonard, vice president of GameStop's Trade & Pre-Owned Business.

"Pre-owned games have value and can be traded at GameStop for cash or in-store credit. The sooner the games are traded, the more money they are worth and the faster customers can use that cash or in-store credit toward the purchase of the next game they want to play."

In July 2015, a GameStop senior executive said the company was still interested in applying its famous "buy, sell, trade" model to digital content.

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