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8TB Starfield-Themed Game Drive Hub Is Only $150 In Best Buy Black Friday In July Sale

As part of Best Buy's Prime Day rival sale, the retailer has restocked a Seagate hard drive deal that sold out quickly last time.


Earlier this month, Amazon and Best Buy both dropped the 8TB Seagate Starfield Game Drive Hub to only $150 (was $240). That deal sold out very quickly at both retailers, but the discount has returned for Best Buy's Black Friday in July Sale. The three-day sale is going up against Amazon Prime Day 2024, which kicks off tomorrow, July 16. In addition to the 8TB Game Drive Hub, the 5TB Starfield-themed portable drive is discounted to $110 (was $170).

The Seagate Starfield HDD is officially licensed, and you can also use it as an external drive for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Keep in mind you'll need to transfer PS5 or Xbox Series X games from this external drive to your console before you can play them--Xbox One or PS4 games can be played directly from the drive--so this probably isn't the best solution for console gaming unless you are gaming on last-gen consoles or have slow internet speeds. For some users, deleting and re-downloading games on console may be faster than transferring games back and forth between your console's SSD and the external drive.

Instead, you could use the 8TB drive to store your biggest PC games as well as other data.

Games are bigger than ever nowadays, so consider upgrading your storage abilities with one of these cheap external HDDs ahead of all the big game launches this holiday season. The 8TB model will be the most versatile thanks to the extra USB ports.

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