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8BitDo Is Releasing A Retro-Themed Numpad That's Also A Calculator

Crunch numbers and expand your keyboard with this retro-inspired numpad from 8BitDo.


Your teacher once told you that you couldn't carry a calculator everywhere with you, but they were wrong! Because if they ever cast their eyes on this stylish new 8BitDo numpad/calculator hybrid, they'd have special pockets sewn into their clothes to keep it with them at all times. The 8BitDo Retro 18 Numpad is a retro-themed piece of tech that you can either use as an extension to one of the company's matching TKL mechanical keyboards, or as a stylish piece of number-crunching equipment for when you need to do some quick math. Remember, life comes at you hard, but numbers hit you even harder.

Inspired by classic hardware, the Numpad features hot-swappable PCB keys, a retro LED display, and can be connected via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz dongle. 8BitDo says it's compatible with Windows and Android devices, and it comes in several different editions. Depending on your personal taste, you can pick one up for $45 in NES, Famicom, Commodore 64, or IBM Model M-inspired designs when it launches on July 15. It's worth noting that the 8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboard is also marketed for Windows and Android, but it works great with Mac, Steam Deck, and other devices, too. We'd expect the Retro 18 Numpad to be the same way.

8BitDo Retro 18 Numpad

8BitDo Retro 18 Numpad
8BitDo Retro 18 Numpad

Even if you're not planning to add an extension to your keyboard, a dedicated calculator is always welcome around the house. Yes, your smartphone can tell you in depressing detail how much your taxes are going to be for the year, but there's a reassuring feeling of comfort to have a calculator on hand to punch out some numbers. Especially when it features satisfying mechanical keys with which to do your math homework.

If you are looking to grab an 8BitDo keyboard as well, you can choose from the same four styles. At Amazon, you can save $10 on the Fami model and $15 off the NES model keyboards--both of these come with detachable Super Buttons (giant red buttons). Woot has the NES and Fami models available for $70 each. The brand-new C64-style keyboard costs $110 and also comes with an arcade stick module. Lastly, 8BitDo's upcoming M model sports a more subdued selection of white and gray keys, just in case you want to add some rock-solid hardware to your PC without flashy colors. The M Edition releases July 15 alongside the Retro 18 Numpad.

These are affordable mechanical keyboards with responsive switches and multiple wireless connectivity options, but the real draw here is the high level of customization available via 8BitDo's Ultimate Software. The detachable Super Buttons and the arcade stick on the C64 edition adds a unique and fun twist, too. 8BitDo's Retro Keyboard is one of our picks for the best gaming keyboards in 2024.

8BitDo Retro Keyboards

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