8-Year-Old Sells His Pokemon Cards To Pay Life-Saving Vet Bill

An 8-year-old child in Virginia sold his Pokemon cards to save his puppy's life, only for his community to donate more than enough money to cover the operation.


An 8-year-old boy was devastated to learn that his 4-month-old puppy needed an expensive medical treatment to survive, so he sold his Pokemon cards on his front lawn to help pay for the procedure. But as the Washington Post reported, Bryson Kliemann's neighbors and friends were so moved by his concern for his dog Bruce that they donated more than $400 to the effort, sometimes without even buying the cards.

Bruce was diagnosed with a contagious virus known as parvo, which can be lethal. The Kliemann family knew that the procedure would be a minimum of $655, plus additional expenses for future treatment. When Bryson overheard his two parents discussing how they could not afford to pay the cost of the procedure, he decided to sell his Pokemon cards to help fund it, a decision that caused his mother Kimberly Woodruff to cry.

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Thanks to people in his community of Lebanon, VA, as well as online donors to the family's GoFundMe, Bryson ended up raising a lot more money than was needed for Bruce's procedure. As such, the family donated the rest of the funds to support other sick pets in their area. Additionally, an employee at The Pokemon Company sent Bryson a package of rare cards after hearing about his selflessness. Currently, Bruce is recovering from the procedure, but all signs are positive.

“I never in a million years would have thought something that my 8-year-old did in a small community would have such an impact,” Woodruff told the Post. “It truly has been incredible.”

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