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$750 Evolve Goliath Statue Weighs 35 Pounds

2K announces one of the most epic, expensive, and limited-edition collector's items we can remember.

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2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios today announced an epic and expensive collector's item (game not included) for the upcoming game, Evolve. The Evolve: Goliath Premiere Scale Statue is 29 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds. It is very much a limited edition, as only 500 will be made.

The Savage Goliath variation
The Savage Goliath variation

The monster statue has LED effects built into it and will cost a whopping $750. But that's not all. A special version of the statute, the Savage Goliath (at left), will also be available for $800. Only 150 of these will be made, and they will only be sold at New York Comic-Con next week.

This monster has been designed by its creators at TriForce to model the Savage Goliath skin pack that is free for everyone who preorders the game. If you're attending New York Comic-Con, you can see the Savage Goliath Evolve monster statue at Trifoce booth on the show floor.

Evolve is currently in development by the creators of Left 4 Dead at Turtle Rock for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game, which pits four players against one human-controller monster, was originally expected to launch this fall, but in August was delayed to 2015.

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