70% of Americans Binge-Watch TV Shows, Study Finds

Do you?


Binge-watching, a term of watching lots of episodes of a TV show one after another, is incredibly popular among Americans, according to a new study. Consulting firm Deloitte released a study this week that claims 70 percent of Americans binge-watch TV shows. According to their data, Americans watch an average of five episodes per binge-watching session. How does that stack up against your own habits?

Variety has the scoop on the study. It was conducted in fall 2015, and also concluded that 61 percent of streaming subscribers said Internet video services such as Netflix and Hulu were among their three most-valued paid services. This is up substantially from 17 percent in 2012, speaking to the rising prominence and profile of digital streaming platforms.

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The most popular binge-watching genre among respondents was drama (53 percent), followed by comedy (17 percent) and reality TV (7 percent). Some dramas are known to end on cliffhangers, and with the "Watch Next Episode" button just one click away, it's not hard to see why it's the top binge-watching genre.

The study also found that people aged 14-25 place a higher value on streaming services than traditional pay TV, while those in the older age bracket ranked cable/satellite services higher.

Additionally, Deloitte's study found that 46 percent of Americans now subscribe to some streaming service, while millennials spend more time watching Netflix/Hulu/etc. than live television.

Deloitte's Kevin Westcott stressed that traditional TV remains "very powerful," but, when it comes to marketing reach for younger generations, online services and social networks may be better avenues.

"If I'm a marketer, I have to think about, how do I reach them through social channels… and how to leverage endorsements from social influencers," he said.

Results of the survey were based on the responses of 2,205 US consumers from November 5-19, 2015. Data for the survey, the 10th annual "Digital Democracy Survey," was then weighted.

While we're on the subject of binge-watching....Netflix has just announced what's coming to the service and leaving it for April 2016.

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lol ''pay tv'' i remember that.

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Five episodes? That's only like 2 hours.

Not any longer than the average movie.

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"Five episodes per binge-watching session?" That's five hours with Dramas...lots of time on people's hands I guess!

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@bboys577: It's closer to 3 hours 40 minutes for most dramas. Pretty much only premium cable channels have hour long episodes, and it's even fairly rare there, usually closer to 50 minutes.

Edit: British dramas might have closer to a 59 minute average runtime, now that I think about it.

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I usually wait for the Game of Thrones season to end and then binge watch the whole season in a few days. The problem I found is that you get less affected emotionally when something big happens because as soon as the episode ends, you move on to the next instead of reflecting about it during the week.

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@RadPro: dammit you're right!! i just never realised it, thanx for ruining my binge sessions lol

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A study was needed to figure this out? Where can I sign up to conduct these "mind blowing" studies and get paid?

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I binge on snacks when playing videos games not sure if that counts.

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That's the sign of a happy relationship with your significant other: binge watching. Too bad pretty much everything on T.V. is mediocre so I wouldn't even bother. My opinion is that if you have to turn on the T.V. other than to watch sports or the news then you are desperately bored.

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@brian_ghattas: My opinion is that if you have to turn on the T.V. other than to play video games you are desperately bored.

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I prefer hour long episodes. It's a personal thing, but I can only watch 2 or 3 at max at a time because of how they are designed. 30 minute shows have faster pacing and are easier to watch in a row.

The thing I hate about binge watching is you watch all of them fast and then you wait a year to see more. I mean TWD breaks are hard enough, but imagine watching the entire season in 2 days and waiting a whole year for the next. It sucks.

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... Yeah. That's about accurate for me honestly, though there has only been one thing I've done it with. I watched all of the Star Trek shows back to back, doing about five episodes a day. Miami Vice was somewhat of another one, but I only got to the middle of its second season (or maybe finished it, and watched some of the third, as well as a bunch of re-runs from different seasons on TV). Oh, and I guess I did watch Journeyman all the way through like that too; that was short though. The latest one would have been Twin Peaks, but I didn't get through it. I watched five episodes I think. I enjoyed it, but perhaps not enough to go through it then.