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70 devs working on World of Darkness

CCP gives update on long-in-development vampire-centric MMO that is still in pre-production.


Eve Online studio CCP Games has provided an update on its long-in-development massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Darkness.

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Massively reports that during the EVE Fanfest 2013 this week, a CCP Games representative revealed that the game remains in pre-production and is being worked on by 70 developers.

In 2013, the developer plans to work on the game's clothing systems and PvE environments, as well as "out-of-game web-based social tools" and art tools and server infrastructure.

CCP also showed off some "interesting tools" it will use to create procedural content like buildings and cityscapes, Massively reports. On top of this, a video highlighting internal visual targets was shown, but media were prevented from filming.

The vampire-centric World of Darkness was announced in 2006 and is based on White Wolf's supernatural role-playing game franchise.

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