7 PC Game Bundle For $6.66 Promises To Be A Devilishly Good Time

A bundle of jump scares and gore perfect for Halloween.


Fanatical’s Hellfire Bundle is on sale for a limited time, offering $143.93-worth of horror and action PC games for a season-appropriate $6.66. And if you use the code “SCREAM666,” you can get an additional 6.66% off the final price at checkout.

The Hellfire bundle includes seven games, which is just enough to give you something new to play each day between now and Halloween. Most are tense survival horror titles that fans of the genre will love, such as Song of Horror, which features a fixed camera perspective and third-person action-adventure gameplay reminiscent of classics like Resident Evil or Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

If you’re into more experimental takes on horror, Buddy Simulator 1984 mixes an AI chatbot with retro-inspired gameplay and pixel art that gives off strong Undertale vibes. Meanwhile, Hello Neighbor tasks you with spying on your suspicious, AI-controlled neighbor that will learn and react to your play style.

And for those that just want to blast monsters into puddles of stylized cartoon gore, there’s the Doom- and Quake-inspired FPS Hellbound.

You can check out the Hellfire Bundle’s full lineup below, or head over to Fanatical to grab it now.

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Fanatical Hellfire Bundle

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