600,000 DSis sold in America, Europe

Fresh off its success in Japan, the new camera- and browser-enabled handheld sells 300,000 units in each territory during its first two days on the market.


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When it went on sale in Japan last November, the DSi proved quite popular. In its first two days at retail, the dual-camera- and Web-browser-equipped portable sold more than 170,000 units. In its first month on sale in the island nation--where DS ownership rates are even higher than in the US--more than 535,000 units of the handheld were purchased.

The third time is apparently the charm.
The third time is apparently the charm.

Today comes word that the DSi has proved as popular in the West. Speaking at a Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan lunch in Tokyo, attended by NPR, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that the handheld sold more than 600,000 units in 48 hours in North America and Europe. The device went on sale in the EU on April 3 and in the US on April 5 and sold 300,000 units in its first two days on the market in each territory.

Unveiled last October, the DSi is 12 percent thinner than the DS Lite, with screens 17 percent larger than those of its predecessor. Though it doesn't have a Game Boy Advance slot, it boasts two cameras--an outward-facing 0.3 megapixel one and a lower-resolution one for self-portraits--and an SD card slot for multimedia storage. The third redesign of the 100-million-unit handheld also sports a built-in Internet browser, which will let users directly download games from a new online store. The DSi retails for $169.99 in the US and for £149.99 in the UK.

For a closer look at the DSi, check out GameSpot's unboxing video feature below:

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If you wanna throw 200$ for a new dsi when you already have a DS it's your choice, but I rather buy new game cause they work fine with my DS. (I know I can't buy and play cheap DSiWare, but I consider the GBA way better than DSiWare and I don't wish to become a photograph, so who cares about the DSi when all you want is playing good games)

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got my DSi 11th april

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@tmthywtsn Some people find doing that fun unlike some people. Some things are designed for an audience. The DSi is designed for EVERYONE

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To me its the same system that is like my PSP that ive had for 4 years now. and my cell phones which have had cameras since 2001. im waiting for PSP2

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the only thing that sucks is that you cant transfer your save files to the sd card like you could wuth the wii

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the dsi is very very very cool. it is every gamers dream of a perfect portable console. the only thing im waiting for now is a new ds Zelda title and kingdom hearts for the ds

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I'll be getting one hopefully

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Alright everyone it looks very interesting, but why is there no gameboy advance slot? I mean just how many remakes are they going to continue making of the same exact system. It's really unfair to those who own previous versions of the system because they won't get updates like the DS store. Oh, and who really cares about taking pictures of other people and playing around with it? Or even playing music on the DS? Isn't that what our Ipods and Iphones are for? I'm not bashing the console, I just think they should be more focused on keeping the Wii fresh with games instead of sucking the average workers pockets dry with unending redesigns of their hand held. That same thought applys to Sony as well.

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Avatar image for nappan

I've just never enjoyed playing games on portable platforms. My feeling has always been: if it is a good enough IP, don't take the easy way out and develop for a handheld... make it a full-blown game on a console or PC (whichever console, don't care). I HATE to see titles like GTA:Chinatown Wars, or some of the great RPG spinoffs go to handhelds. I realize that I'm the minority here, but frankly, I'd rather read a book and do my real gaming on a real platform.

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Impressive. I still won't buy one thoguh.

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That's an impressive new start

Avatar image for hatieshorrer

@devilgonnatempt Why would you make a foolish fanboy comment like that the DS has advantages over the PSP but most everyone knows them. So Ill just say the portable console war is over and despite both having advantages over the other but the DS won.

Avatar image for devilgonnatempt

PSP RULES. ALWAYS WILL! Gorgeous design, excellent, varied range of games, movies, music and internet capabilities.

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love it now i got 2 blue dses lol , 1 phat 1 i , , , and the 2 dslittes lol , i want 4 wiis lol hahaha

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DSi's are worth it... What did I get, *A ***. DSi (Black) *Power Converter *2 DSi Cases *A Mario-themed Stylus all for £130..... what's with it... *Free download of Internet Browser, and Notepad *Free 1000 DSi Points!!!!! It's worth it, especially with free points...

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@ kalabo10688 But aren't you here right now? Aren't you reading the news? I didn't know this was 1UP.

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@ kalabo10688: lol i did wonder why the hell anyone would even buy that **** but that fast?!?!?! i was like... OMG people cant be that ******** to go hang themselfs over a DSi? jebus... fandom is a bad thing for this world!

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Gamespot get your facts right 600k were ship not sold Eww this is why i go 1up and g4 for my gaming info you guys are never accurate

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I'll wait for a Pokemon edition to go with my Pokemon DSLite, Pokemon GBA, and Pokemon GBA SP. Too bad I lost my Pokemon GBC. Seriously, while it is a definite step up I feel losing the GBA port makes it take a big step backwards. My DS Lite GBA slot has either Yugioh WC or Bookworm in it 24 hours a day. The new features, and I don't consider a larger screen or better speakers anything new, are cool but not enough of a gameplay thing to suck me in now. Maybe for an XMas gift.

Avatar image for Rust_Stiletto

@ peterg500 I upgraded, and it's worth it. Why? " BUT most of us already have a better portable camera," that might be true and those would be the more practical option for their respective uses. Nintendo did not create the DSi with the intent of being a 'practical' device, they made it to be a FUN device. Once you get going and start using all the DSi's applications with each other I can guarantee you will be smiling and amazed. It's about fun, entertainment and a more fully emersed experience. If that's not what you're looking for then you maybe right on your initial comment.

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@hatieshorror: The longer the wait, the better. I'm not convinced about the new DS iteration. I'm waiting to see how well it is supported b/f I take the plunge. If they release a new hand held by the time a price drop occurs, I would've dodged a bullet.

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I don't know. I want the latest and greatest like everyone else. BUT most of us already have a better portable camera, mp3 player, and internet browser equipped on our phones. So is it really worth the money? +slightly bigger screen. +slightly thinner model -less battery life -no GB advance slot Seems a toss up. Frabkly I'd like to play more games with more battery life. So I'm keeping the DS and waiting for something better.

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I am holding out for the DS2 since I already have a camera phone with a browser + MP3's. -Thanks!

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Looks nice

Avatar image for Rhubarb9

what exclusive DSi games are there!?

Avatar image for Deevvon

This pretty much proves that Video Games are one of the few that could save the Recession occurring today.

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JB, you fail. Nothing new? are you not capable of reading a review? New screens, new speakers, new key design, a kickas* music player, better than most MP3 players out right now. An amazing download service, that I hope to see fill up with games quickly, and 2 cameras with multiple lenses that provide many possibilities. Don't be hating, cause you can't afford one.

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Sweet that means 600,000 people spent $169 for a system that has nothing new about it except everything thats in the average cell phone and a lame downloadable game service. No wonder why our economy is in a bad spell.

Avatar image for freakbabyblues-

I love my DSi. I play Brain Age Express everyday. What's more fun than having your DSi tell you you're stupid in the least insulting way possible? :P neways, Nintendo doesn't want to make people who bought the system at launch feel like they wasted their money so they're avoiding price cuts. P.S. I had a DS Lite, DS Phat, and still think this is a good upgrade. You never really know until you get your hands on it...

Avatar image for rgsniper1

chaos.. yeah feel sad for my old bones... I really am old, but hey i've been a gamer all my life what can I say.

Avatar image for ChAoS_UNLEASHD

Well said rgsniper1, I agree, although I can't say I've been around since pong lol

Avatar image for NintendoWarrior

I want to buy it, but I'll probably wait for different colors, red or gold please?

Avatar image for rgsniper1

klugenbeel, It looks like your post was deleted but I'll respond anyway. Lets see where to start, I have to name a few: xbox360, PC Q6600 8800gt oc, 4 gigs ram dual boot xp/vista, Laptop Centrino 2 dual core 2.26 4 gigs ddr3 with a 1gb 9800 gts gpu, that's my top two current machines, i've got 5 more as I usually build a new one every 18 months to a year and dump the older ones. Beyond that i've got to many other game machines to count, been collecting them since pong, yeah i'm old. All that said, it doesn't make my DS any less fun. Games don't have to be blood and guts and M rated to be fun. I'm not sure how old you are but maybe you don't like games that aren't "adult rated" because you weren't around when games were just made to be fun so therefor don't understand it? To be honest checkers can be fun or even tic tac toe I guess. Anyway, yeah.. i've got plenty of adult toys as you call them.. and still DS is just plane and simple.. fun.

Avatar image for onething77

PSP for the win.

Avatar image for togo2828

Hecks yeah, i got my DSi the day it came out It's really cool, the music app is definitely the best new thing And the no restart is freaking awesome.

Avatar image for nintendave86

Well, I've got one, and it's awesome! I bought mine on April 2nd, here in Australia, before Europe and America got theirs.

Avatar image for hatieshorrer

@InfinityMugan How often dose a Nintendo portable have a price drop and even if it has one your looking at a drop of like thirty dollars. You could wait 3yrs for that discount just to find a new portable is released by nintendo next year.

Avatar image for ChAoS_UNLEASHD

I like to get new hardware once and a while but the DSi isn't worth it in the least right now. I had a DS original and the day the DSi came out I had the option to buy it and enough money too for that matter, it was right beside the DS Lite. I chose the the Lite. Theres hardly a point to getting the DSi other than the online store. So what if theres a camera or music playback, I'll whip out my cell to take pics and I already got my mp3 for music, what more do I need? Too little, too late nintendo. And the bigger screens? like wtf? they're bigger but have the same resolution as previous DS iterations. Definitely waitin for a big price drop before I even consider this handheld.

Avatar image for Paladin_King

Since I have a DS Lite....I'm really not sure why exactly I'm supposed to buy this or get excited about it.

Avatar image for gtaking40

Waiting for the new colors to be released in the US and a price drop would be nice.

Avatar image for Leoknight86

interesting...never owned a DS might get one...if i ever get a job...however i do agree with infinitymugen

Avatar image for mkDSpro63

Too bad it's not within my budget at the moment. Plus $170 does seem a bit pricey. I'll probably pick it up when Nintendo decides to have a special edition one bundled with Spirit Tracks, that is, they actually decide to.

Avatar image for InfinityMugen

No point in owning the system at launch. Waiting for a price drop and more enticing DSi exclusives seems like the way to go. Thumb me down all you want. It's just my opinion.

Avatar image for HyruleanLink

No doubt that the DSi would be a success, but I am happy with my DS Lite.

Avatar image for CamiKitten

I just hope that LoZ: Spirit Tracks isn't a downloadable. I'll go off.

Avatar image for Rikufan

Finally it is out i have been waiting all year for this i cant wait to get it

Avatar image for Yoweeh

I'm one of those 600,000. :o So is one of my friends.

Avatar image for Cloud310

Losing the GBA slot isn't really a bad idea. It brings forth new ideas to bring the old games to the present gaming systems. I believe more good will come from Nintendo on this issue.

Avatar image for gadragod

jb0Ogi3, the only way for the economy to get better is by people "spending" money. The government prays for a bunch of people to spend money like crazy. I don't understand your logic.