6,000 Games Released On Steam This Year

That's a lot of games.


More than 6,000 games have been released on Steam so far this year--and there is still more than a month left before 2017 is out. This number comes from industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, who works for Niko Partners.

As Ahmad points out, 6,000 is nearly equal to the total number of games released on Steam in the decade between 2005 and 2015. It's up from more than 4,200 games released on Steam in 2016 (via GI.biz). Here is the dramatic-looking chart that Ahmad put together to highlight the dramatic rise in Steam releases.

No doubt a big portion of the new releases this year have come through Steam Direct, which replaced Steam Greenlight earlier this year. Since its launch earlier this year, more than 1,000 games have been released, according to Kotaku.

The flood of new releases is lucrative for Valve, as the company gets a cut of every game sale, while also taking the $100 fee for every Steam Direct application.

In 2014, Valve released the "Steam Discovery" update to help users find what they're looking for amid the onslaught of new releases. The update added new personalised recommendations based on your gameplay, as well as new search and discovery tools.

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Avatar image for urbanman2004

Most of those games don't count

Avatar image for willyb1963

Maybe 6 were even marginally good.

Avatar image for nurnberg

And how many of those are shovelware? 5700?

Avatar image for Myron117

@walidras: You dont?

Avatar image for gameroutlawzz

''games'' lul. STEAM stopped being relevant in 2010.

Avatar image for johno357

This isnt a good thing. 5500 of them are gloryfied mobile crap

Avatar image for hardcoregamer1

A gamer who only play high quality games wont have that much to play.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

This is just getting worse and worse.

Most of those asset flips, broken software and can't even be called games.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

Sadly most of them ar garbage. Even they admited that they need to better their filtering process.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

Unfortunately, 1/2 of them are F2P nonsense, and the other half are Visual Novels.

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

5991 shovelware piles of trash

Avatar image for amaneuvering

That's ultimately ridiculous. It's no wonder it's so hard for anyone to even get a break on Steam now. And, the irony is that Steam is one of the lesser saturated digital stores/services. :-o

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

That's lots of games folks will buy and never play.

Avatar image for jinzo9988

If you exclude all the visual novels and asset-purchased Unity games, what would the new number be?

Avatar image for good_coop89

Steam is one step away from becoming another Goodle Play Store if Valve don't do some real, manual quality control.

Oh Gaben, why hath thou forsaken us?

Avatar image for Xylymphydyte

This is a good comment section, people aren't buying into the garbage since Steam stopped curating and having any form of quality control beyond "lots of people say these guys ripped them off, maybe we should stop letting them."

Quantity =! quantity.

Steam has essentially completely squandered all of the consumer goodwill they'd built up in their first several years on the quick buck.

Avatar image for motopram

@Xylymphydyte: Can get a refund in Aus with any game on Steam if you haven't played for more than 2 hours i think.

Avatar image for Xylymphydyte

@motopram: That doesn't really make it okay.

I wouldn't at a joint that offered me a refund if I threw up within 2 hours since they don't have any clue what they put into their dishes and they allow anyone who wanders in off the street to cook.

Steam built up their reputation because they were a bastion of quality software and good deals. That's long since gone though as their quality of software is dead and buried and their sales are lower quality year after year. Sure, a lot of things are ON sale but the discounts are less than half what they once were and they tend to just be on the same things year after year.

Avatar image for nurnberg

@wafflekings: Beat? Real Steam fans don't beat games. They buy them and never play them.

Avatar image for kim_jong-un

@wafflekings: I did - Kim

Avatar image for mattsaroni24

How many apps were there in the App Store? Exactly. No one fucking cares.

Avatar image for ratchet200

Thats only because 90% of them are babies first Unity game!

Avatar image for wexorian

5850 is a Scam games for STEAMCARDS and cashgrabs, Greenlight was not perfect but it was keeping Scam at bay, Valve did f ed up there.

Avatar image for Joesocwork

They can make their money that way while I wait for the top level games to go on sale.

Avatar image for john_matrix_007


Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

Now now, no ones asking you to play 6000 games good or bad, that's YouTube's job to decifer until they rage and also hate the game you were about to buy.

Come one now, just make a game so I can play people below and soon to be above.

Avatar image for dev-raid1

its crazy really, not in a good way.....90 percent of the games are nightmares to even try to struggle through, PC has no weeding out process and it makes it so hard to find those gems

Avatar image for Xristophoros

nasty. and 5,850 of those titles are junk :D

some form of quality control is desperately needed on steam. the lot of trash is not going to sort itself, gabe.

Avatar image for jonparkes84

Load of tripe most of them as are Steam's sale prices, this weekend they have modern warfare 3 'on sale' £20 for a 6 year old game...jog on.

Avatar image for dev-raid1

@jonparkes84: I usually dont defend steam but thats the publisher of the game, all of the COD games on steam are overpriced

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