580,000 PSP slims sold in Japan

The new PlayStation Portable sells more than half a million in first two weeks in Sony's homeland.


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A shop in Tokyo proclaiming the PSP is sold out.
A shop in Tokyo proclaiming the PSP is sold out.

For a long time, the Japanese hardware sales charts have been predictable--Nintendo DS Lite on top, Wii outselling the PlayStation 3 in a ratio of 4-to-1. But the last three weeks have seen a phoenix-like rising of the PlayStation Portable, as it grabbed and held the top slot.

According to figures released by Famitsu, the new, lighter version of the handheld has already shifted approximately 580,000 units in Japan--no mean feat considering the portable version 2.0 was released there just two weeks ago on September 20.

The first week saw 250,000 new-model PSPs sold. But even the week before the PSP slim's Japanese launch saw the PSP selling well due to the release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, along with 77,777 limited-edition bundle packs.

The PSP slim went on sale in Japan on September 20, in six different colours, for 19,800 yen. The new model of the portable was first revealed by SCE president Kaz Hirai at this year's E3. The system is 33 percent lighter and 19 percent slimmer, and it also comes with video output.

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