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505 Games Announces First-Person Survival Game Among The Trolls

The game is being developed by ex-Skyrim developers.


During 505 Games' first-ever digital showcase, the publisher revealed Among the Trolls, a new first-person, survival, action-adventure game coming to Steam.

In Among the Trolls, the player will take the role of either Alex or Anna, who have travelled from the US to Finland to visit their estranged grandparents, living in an isolated cabin in a forest. Players will soon discover that the cabin is abandoned and will be "pulled into a world of Nordic mythology and memories of childhood summers spent with your loved ones."

Players will embark on a quest to find their missing grandparents and learn how to survive in the forest, while also combating supernatural creates of Finnish mythology. Among the Trolls will feature a magical attribute system, allowing players to learn ancient traits such as Gain Sisu (Grit), Väki (Magic), and Lykky (Luck).

As a survival game, players will be required to build, settle, and survive the forest using these abilities but will also need to make sacrifices to the mythical creatures within in order to obtain resources.

The publisher explains on the game's official website that players will enter a "beautifully crafted 3D world" which combines "nostalgia, strangeness, as well as modern and ancient instrumentation, merged with the authentic sounds of Nordic nature that will make you want to stay forever among the trolls."

The first-person survival game is being developed by indie studio Forbidden Studios, which was founded by industry veterans who have worked on titles such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4.

Among the Trolls has yet to receive an official release window, but the game is available to wishlist on Steam now.

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