500,000 get DiRTy

Codemasters confirms Colin McRae's latest racer sold a half million copies in its first week on shelves.



First-week sales of Colin McRae: DiRT (just released as DiRT in the US) have surpassed 500,000, according to the game's publisher Codemasters. The title, which is currently available on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms (with a PlayStation 3 version coming in September), has seen a further half-million gamers downloading free demos of the title for the Xbox 360 and PC.

DiRT is the sixth Colin McRae rally sports racing game and was released in the US and Europe earlier this month. The first game in the series was Colin McRae Rally, first released in the UK in 1998 for the original PlayStation and PC platforms. DiRT is the first in the series to use Neon, Codemaster's proprietary game engine.

Codemasters' CEO Rod Cousens said that almost half of the first week sales had come from the US, which "means momentum behind the series is taking hold in new territories."

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