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50 Lords of EverQuest beta winners announced

Look inside to see if you're one of the 50 lucky GameSpot Complete members to win a slot in the first round of the Lords of EverQuest beta test.


Sign-ups for GameSpot's Lords of EverQuest beta contest ended yesterday, and we've picked 50 lucky winners from the list of eligible entries. The winners will soon receive instructions by e-mail from Sony Online Entertainment on how and where to download the Lords of EverQuest beta software.

Colin Elliott - US
Wayne Hubbs - US
Michal Brzozowski - Canada
Joseph Ventura - US
Don Edgecomb - US
Steven Lam - Canada
Thomas Scheier - US
Eric Pettit - US
JR Liwag - US
Jeremy M Nelson - US
Charlie Matson - US
Matthew Denninger - US
John Corna - US
Mike Bratsch - US
Scotty Saul - US
Cody Luitjens - US
Dick Whittington - US
Chad Barth - US
Kan-Yen Han - US
Justin Wong - Canada
Dan Carmany - US
Stephen Bouren - US
Shane Bennett - US
Matt Vandenberg - US
Jim Adams - US
Francis Lahaie - Canada
Craig Donaldson - UK
Maurizio Bonini - UK
Vishaal Hariprasad - US
Avi Zacherman - US
Jaco Joubert - Canada
Steven Realing - US
Mark Davoli - US
Greg Nichols - Canada
Brian Gotts - US
Eugene Tamiya - US
David Sasser - US
Roman Rozhavsky - US
Heng Lok - Australia
Todd Johnson - US
Roman Zeylikovich - US
Sean Taylor - US
Jay Ballinger - US
James Utter - US
John Burn - UK
Jordan Wald - Canada
Bruce McCrory - US
Jarrod Robison - US
Russ Davis - US
Brian Joyce - US

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