50 Cent officially in the game

Teaser trailer for "50 Cent: Bulletproof" credited to "Vivendi Universal" debuts on MTV.com; description reveals that the rapper declined "a lead role" in San Andreas.


Just a few days after the rumors about a 50 Cent video game began to reach critical mass, official proof of the game's existence--and provenance--has surfaced. Today, a teaser trailer for the game, whose official title is "50 Cent: Bulletproof," premiered on MTV.com The title is especially appropriate, as the rapper was shot nine times in real life and miraculously survived.

Following a warning that said, "Don't watch if violence freaks you out," the trailer for Bulletproof begins with a cutscene of the gangsta rapper and Eminem protégé following a crime lord into a skyscraper. Decked out in typical street-tough gear, including a shirt for his band G-Unit, Cent proceeds to shoot dead most of the archcriminal's retinue of bodyguards with a pistol and a machine gun. When he runs out of ammo, the rapper takes out the remaining thugs mano a mano, punching, kicking, and bludgeoning them before turning their own weapons upon them.

The MTV.com page hyping the Bulletproof trailer also contains a description that confirms some of the speculation about the game. "50 Cent: Bulletproof follows the rapper through the NYC criminal underworld to uncover an ugly, international conspiracy," read the site. "50 Cent will contribute music for the game including freestyle rhymes that players mix in the game's music lab. Expect additional tracks, voices and likenesses of Dr. Dre and other G-Unit members." In November 2003, Cent said he would be starring in a "Grand Theft Auto-style" game along with his label-mates on Aftermath Records, Dr. Dre and Eminem.

Besides confirming Dr. Dre's presence in Bulletproof, the MTV.com site also revealed that Cent had in fact been offered "a lead role" in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas but "rolled the dice, opting to make his own game instead." "I'm out to destroy the competition and my video game is no different," said the rapper. "I plan to shake up the video game world like I did the rap world."

The MTV.com page did not list a release date or any platforms for 50 Cent: Bulletproof. It also didn't mention a rating, but, given the preview's brutal nature, an M rating for Mature is all but assured.

However, the trailer did confirm speculation about Bulletproof's publisher. The stream for the video lists Vivendi Universal as its author and also bears the stamp "Copyright 2005 Vivendi Universal." However, the publisher would still not admit to publishing the game, saying only that on Friday it will release "information about an explosive new collaboration from Vivendi Universal Games and one of the hottest hip-hop artists of all time."

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