50 Cent developing Saints Row movie

Actor-rapper tells reporters he plans on turning THQ's open-world crime game into film; also discusses future game projects and recording game soundtracks.


To help promote today's launch of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, the titular rapper held a telephone press conference with reporters from around the country. Though the press event focused on his just-released third-person shooter for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, the actor-rapper-producer also made an announcement that he is developing a new game-related film project.

Mr. Cent.
Mr. Cent.

"With my relationship with THQ, you'll actually see me develop Saints Row into a screenplay and into a film project," 50 Cent--real name Curtis James Jackson III--proclaimed. "I'm optioning the rights to that now, so you'll see that before you see me attempt to do [a film adaptation of my games]. He did not offer further details on the project, which has yet to be announced by THQ or any film studio. A third Saints Row game is currently in development at Volition Inc.

Before and after revealing the Saints Row film, 50 Cent answered questions about Blood on the Sand. He admitted that the first game he lent his voice and likeness to, Vivendi Games' 2005 actioner 50 Cent: Bulletproof, was "difficult to control." However, he was pleased with the game's popular reception, which overcame poor reviews to help the game sell more than 1 million copies in the US.

The rapper also said that his current effort featured a gameplay mechanic similar to Gears of War and Army of Two. "Both of those games have a similar engine, a similar technology," 50 Cent explained. "Both of those games are great games, so that bracket ain't a bad bracket to be in." Jackson also promised plenty of Easter eggs in Blood on the Sand, including one secret mission that is unlocked after the main quest is finished.

When asked if he might make a rhythm music game, Jackson had the following to say. "I had the opportunity to play Guitar Hero while at MTV taping the last episode of TRL. I had a lot of fun doing it, but I'm not sure how much fun it would be with hip-hop music, unless you had MP3s and beat machines in it." Recently, fellow rapper Snoop Dogg announced that his songs would appear in Rock Band as digital downloads.

Coming soon to a theater near you?
Coming soon to a theater near you?

In terms of the involvement of his musical associates in G-Unit, 50 Cent said that they were present for the initial conceptual meetings, but otherwise had little input. "They did the voice-overs in the actual game, and performed on some recordings," said Jackson. "And they did some green-screen photos for their likenesses in the actual game."

He then berated fellow G-Unit member Young Buck for skipping the green-screen shoot to be at a Young Jeezy video shoot in Atlanta. "God works in mysterious ways, but I think it was good I could wean myself away from my association with this particular artist, because he didn't participate and didn't take advantage of the opportunity," rued the rapper.

50 Cent went on to reveal that the diamond-encrusted skull featured in Blood on the Sand is based on an actual work by British artist Damien Hirst. That piece, composed of a platinum skull covered in more than 8,601 diamonds, was auctioned off for $100 million in August 2007.

Check back later this week for GameSpot's full review of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

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Saints row is as much a comedy as an action game, somehow I don't see 50 cent throwing poop on buildings and katana fighting

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"You put a movie into a game,what do you get? you get a piece of s**t " -Angry Video Game Nerd. it is true that many Movies based on Games are bad,so i don't expect much of this movies

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I always link saints row with 50 cent in my head, since they used his song for the main menu in saints row 2. I dunno why you guys go hard on 50, his bulletproof game isnt that bad. Im just not sure game like saints row fits the big screen

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i love hip hop & rap but 50 cent's songs are flop except some hand picked ol' skool . his games are flop too. so tell him to drop it over. movie ain't gonna work

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please no.... I do not want to think, or be reminded of 50 cents the rapper when i think of saints row...i think if they half to make a movie of this game, it needs to be a new face........not 50...........50 cent just tryin to make money off this game ,& before you know it he'll be wearing purple with the saints row logo out in public,and in his videos, and using it as his own clothing line,.. we must not let this happen..........have nothing against 50 cents , just think they should use someone new male or female .

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ok now wait it might be interesting but i really dont want to see 50 in it (im a fan but not a big one)

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They are kidding right?

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A saint's row movie that's just stupid,50 cent should just stick to music.

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I kind of like the idea - I just get the feeling critics would slam it because: A. It's too vulgar for kids [they stupidly assume saints row is a game meant for kids]... B. It's based on a game at all. C. It's just badly written.

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50 Cent making a saints row movie. That would be awful. It'd be like giving the rights to make it to Uwe Boll. And with 50 cents ego he'll probably cast himself as the main character. Damn Retards Attempting Poetry.

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this would be a cool movie but gta 4 would do better for a movie

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Saints Row movie would be awesome if the cast is made up of famous rappers

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LOL Cavender. The Rock, Vin Diesel? Those two are the exact opposite of talent.

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Saints Row has a great story but it just doesnt seem like it would look good on the big screen. Maybe its just because the game is very unrealistic and comical, not sure.

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when is this movie is coming out??? the movie gotta be cool because SR was awesome

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WOW... please tell me they aren't making this for real. The story of Saints Row isn't a great one to begin with... oh well why do I care.

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umm.. a little over the top maybe?? fun game and all but...what?? prob the only one id support is the prince of persia movie, it sounds like THQ and 50 Cent have thought real hard about this, meh ill watch it one day =] pretty cool

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I liked 50 cent movie though. I don't trust him either, so lets hope they get a good director. Hopefully they will stick with the story line of the game and the main guy in the film will be a cool bada** black guy. Maybe, someone not like 50 cent. LL Cool J is funny or maybe Common, he is cool. I also think Columbus Short or Brian J. White. OR MAYBE DMX!!! LOL

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i hope someone else makes a movie instead....i dont trust 50 on making as good of a movie as the games

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Obviously 50 cent wants to make the movie but he will be the protagonist but when they talk to him what will they call him. Also it would make sense to have the people who do the voices to be who they are in the film but Neil Patrick Harris who plays Veteran Child doesn't have hair like that, you'd know what he looks like because he plays Barney in How I met Your Mother, I'm not being rascist but the guy who plays Mearo is black and Daniel Dae Kim who plays Jin in Lost doesn't suit the part because to me he seems to have a baby face. And would the film be about all games or just 1 game

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I don't understand how you can make a game a movie when there's things you have to consider like character customisation in the game itself. I think 50 Cent will have to cut the protagonist of the games out and stick another character in if this movie is going to make sense, especially with the character I made for Saint's Row 2.

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i thinks its o.ok if theres a movie

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No, no, no, and no. Go make Blood on the Sand, step away from the Saint's Row.

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Why didnt Uwe Boll think of this? =P

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BAD IDEA that is all...........

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Hopefully, as an executive producer, he will find competent producers and casting agents.

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Why so much hate? Seems to be the perfect person to make this kind of movie. No I'm not a huge 50 Cent fan, but damn. At least he's trying to make movies, and not doing crimes (anymore). And--his movie Get Rich or Die Trying was actually pretty good. Not winning any Oscars of course, but it was OK. So more power to him. If you like the game, why wouldn't you go check out the movie? If it was Pete Jackson, you'd probably be all over his balls right?

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WHY!? Dont make the movie! But i have to say thats cool how the skull is based on a piece of art.

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Don't expect much, just don't

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Is this a joke?

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What did we do to deserve this?

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50 Cent should be called something like No Cent, since his music and games(and soon to be movie he is making) are worthless. Real 50 cents are worth a lot, even more in the times we're in. xD

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Well it would have been a complete piece of crap anyways. Regardless of whether this moron made it or not. I could care less who develops such a bad idea for a movie. Saints Row is fun, but the dialogue is horrible for the most part, with lots and lots of immature jokes and bad storylines. In fact this movie actually seems perfect for 50. I'd like anyone to name a better developer for this. No real movie producer/writer would touch this garbage with a ten foot pole. Don't get me wrong I played Saints Row 3 times through, although all of my ****ing files got corrupted (hopefully they fixed that in Saints 2), and it is one of the best sandbox games out there, in fact I like it far more than GTA. Still, it doesn't belong on the big screen.

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Oh god....

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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50 centt is randomyl turning into this mdeia mogul lol

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Goddamn it 50, Leave gaming alone. You're cool and all but damn, go back to making BETTER music like you did back in the days.

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beats hollywood

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I have a feeling... if it's destined to come out someday, it's gonna be worse than Uwe Boll's creations.

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The movies budget will be 50 cent

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im here to help

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God help us all. :?

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This just sad. This is just another fine example of Hollywood running out of ideas and SMART Talent.

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@ Immortal_Zarok: I completly agree with you!

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@ LordDeArnise Spike Lee would only make a movie with a plot. As it has been stated, Saints Row has very little plot to start off with, so as a translation to film that will mean it will be garbage. Spike Lee Is a celebrated director who would never lower himself to a gang movie. Where have you been? have you ever even seen a Spike Lee Joint? I don't think so. Let that Goof Hype Williams gloss up a bunch of thug-wannabe-cum actors and let them parade their bravado around for all the 12 years old kids to emulate.

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Oh for fooks sake why him why is it always the retards who make video game movies first Uwe Boll and now this retard.Couldn't someone with a brain in their head make a video game movies so perhaps it won't turn out to be a pile of crap.

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Hvac0120, his singles are the worst i agree, candy shop/in da club are disgraceful, but have you heard the massacre (lyrics, its baltimore love thing), also that new song (i assume crack a bottle) is only confirmed for before i self destruct, though it may still be on relapse. as for moral issues, do you play guitar hero and look up to aerosmith? cuz compared to 50, only difference is music like it/dont, came close to death on different circumstances. seriously, though, all the money still makes 50 life $#!+, its depressing what people have to put up with cuz of poverty, but openly saying youll sell drugs to fiends for pofit is at least honest, unlike many gov officials.

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Actually, fifty was good, real good back in..um...before he got famous. Listen to his earlier songs ex: Ghetto Quaran, Life's on the line, he rapped really well back then and his lyrics were good