50 Cent: Buy my game for kids

Rapper and game star says his M-rated game is OK for minors; thinks parents can use game as a teaching tool.


50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, is no stranger to parental warnings. The hip-hop star's albums come tagged with "Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics" stickers, as much of his musical material contains sexual elements, references to illegal drugs, and straight up thuggin'. Nevertheless, the rapper has sold millions upon millions of records, and is currently one of the music industry's biggest stars.

It came to no one's surprise that 50 Cent: Bulletproof, published by VU Games, was rated M for Mature for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, and Use of Drugs. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board believes that "Titles rated M have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older."

Jackson thinks otherwise. Today, he told Reuters that his game is not only OK for kids, but it also could be used to teach them life lessons.

"Just because it is rated Mature doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it for your kids," the rapper, whose given name is Curtis Jackson, told Reuters in an interview Tuesday. "Play the game and explain to them what they are playing."

The game that they will be playing sees 50 taking on underground crime syndicates in New York City with a boatload of guns, capping would-be foes in the dome, and looting their corpses for cash. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's preview.

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What a dumbass

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Hate this game, hate rap and just how the media is today overall... wat do we all really want to go to hell or something i mean really!

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gangster smangster. I don't care. They are a plague to society that needs to be dealt with, and dealt with fast. Like I said earlier if 50 cent really wants to educate our children, he should go to school with his millions and get a degree so he can turn around and teach the kids the proper way, not with massive amounts of hate sex and violence. I really dislike how mainstream media is trying to glamorize the gangster way of life through hip and and all sorts of foul and disgusting music. It is not a way of life. Its a dead end street.

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50 Cent is a wannabe gangsta....i mean c'mon how stupid can u be telling this game is for kids.....G-UNOT fool..

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This game should have a sticker-"Parental warning crappy contents". Life lessons in what? Are you joking? I defend Grand theft for existing, yet support the rating labels so parents dont buy their kids something they dont want them exposed to. Saying this game has "life lessons" is misleading and gives all games a bad rep. When parents buy it because it has "Life lessons" and they see what its really about, it strikes down any other games credibility. Way to go fifty. On another note is is properly marked with what the price should really be. FIFTY CENTS. Stick to making crappy music and not tainting the gaming world with this sh**.

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I think one of those bullets affected more than his speech. what in the name of god is wrong with this man. I played his game and had to have my son leave the room for fear that he would have nightmares about getting gutted or repeatedly stabbed in the neck. Now what am I teaching my son again, oh yeah if you mess with me you gotta die. Thats the kind of lesson you want to send to our impressionable youth. the man is a thug, he doesn't cares about the children he cares about lining his pocket with there parent money.

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hey girls, let me be the first to apologize about what 50 sed. so...how did it make you feel inside? be honest...

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(scratch probably)

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50 cent is probably about the BIGGEST moron ever!!!

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Yo 50 you certainly change my view of this game no doubt, i'm definelty buying this game (LOL) i know it will get them to understand the importance of having a gun before they get shot no doubt this game is a teaching tool, GREATEST GAME OF ALL OH YEA!!!

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When I first read this, I thought it was a joke....Sadly, it's all too horrifyingly real. 50 Cent is a retard.

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Why does everyone assume that because we don't like 50 Cent that we don't like Rap. Quite the contrary. I like rap and hiphop just not gangsta rap. I'll take Big Boi, K-Os, the Roots, Wu Tang, or the Peas over 50-senseless any day. It's already been said, why the hell would you want this when there are great games like San Andreas. You still get to play the role of a recovering thug, but he's a likeable, intelligent thug. And C.J. is actually trying to get OUT of the lifestyle rather than just fronting. 50 cent is a chump, and anybody who says otherwise has never lived in a ghetto.

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of course this game is for kids, it shows how to kil, use drugs and shoot a gun properly

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curtis jackson... lol notice how many times they said his real name. sure esrb is gay, but u still shouldn't buy that crap

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I can't believe it. Some kid in Gamestop actually asked if they had this game yet and both his parents were standing there. God there are a lot of stupid people in this world.

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Hopefully no one over the age of 18 will be stupid enough to buy this gem.

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sounds like someone needs a hug. thanks Fitty for bringin' out the rap haters. sorry i can't say i'm mad at hard rock or something. i'm sure they talk about rad and gnarly good stuff. i'm to busy playin' a REAL educational game calld GTA. all the best.

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SORENSENATOR please tell me you're not that naive. 50 cent is the product of corporate marketing. He's a PRODUCT. He's a bad Tupac clone with absoloutely nothing original or interesting to say. Do you honestly think his success is due to his astounding intellect? No, he's got an army of producers, and promoters who handle the business. He doesn't have two braincells to rub together on his own. Has he done anything to improve the quality of life in the ghetto he grew up in? Has he tried to affect any kind of social change in the hip hop world? Has he used his celebrity status to combat gun violence among teenagers, so that other kids don't have to go through what he went through? NO, NO, and NO. So please don't try to impress us by stating that he's successful because he's greedy. Lot's of people are greedy, and they're all as worthless as him. He profits from promoting a lifestyle that gets people killed. You can try to make excuses for him, and declare that he's just going to get richer, but nobody is jealous of him. Maybe phallic cars, ridiculous jewelry and half naked groupies, and piles of money might be your idea of happiness, and if so I feel genuinely sorry for you. I don't need a fancy car to compensate for anything, I don't believe in objectifying women, and I certainly don't need a bunch of bling to make me feel like a man. People in Africa are being slaughtered in the diamond trade, but it doesn't seem to bother 50. And if he was really from the hood, he might try doing something to help the people who are still stuck there with all of his money. Nobody is "rap hating" I like GOOD hip hop and rap, not derrivitave gangsta crap. That garbage was played out when Dre left Death Row.

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I am sick to death of these so called "enlightened" rappers who claim to have lived "the life" but that they've left it behind. This tool got shot 9 times for messing with dangerous people, and for some reason this ADDED to his thug credibility? Gee I would think NOT getting shot, would make you a more impressive figure. Regardless all of these thugs who claim to be the trubadors of the hood, are doing nothing more than promoting the gangsta lifestyle. His movie isn't breaking any box office records, and his game is crap. He's trying to cash in before his fanbase finally comes to grips with the fact that he's a corporate marketing tool promoting a dangerous and ilicit lifestyle. What I can't figure out is why people still listen to this crap, there is some great hip hop artists who's music reflects a desire for real social change. Why is 50 still selling records? There's no mystery about what life in the hood is like. That story has been told. Tupac told that story a decade ago, and look where the "life" got him, and unlike 50 he was actually talented. I'm sick of people like 50 Cent pretending to care about the ghetto, or even Africa while they horde their wealth, drape themselves with bling and blood diamonds, drive impractical cars, and objectify women. Gangsta my ass. 50 Cent is just a bad rehash. He's riding on the coat tails of greater men, and trying to cash in on the mystique of rappers who really did live the thug life and who died trying to leave it behind. If you buy his poorly designed game or see his movie, your just padding a rich idiots wallet.

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eggsackly Sorensenator, hatin' is hatin'. gotta call it like we see it. Rockstar didn't say it explicitly but dayum look how many millions of little kids play GTA. i guess kids learnin' to pick up hoes on the street and killin' cops is good common knowledge rite? GTF outta here...jus saound like a bunch republican closet rap haters :)

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You can add up every person's yearly income that posted a negative comment about 50 Cent and probably achieve 1/100 (maybe) the amount of money he makes/has made. I point this out because everybody says he is stupid or dumb, well then... if he is so stupid and dumb, why is he a multi-millionaire and you're not? No matter what you think of him, this game will make its money whether he has convinced parents or not to buy it. So keep talking all of your **** and just wish you were as successful as him. Oh and no I didn't buy this game if you were going to try and pull something like, "it's dumbasses like you who give him all his money," or something ignorant along those lines. Everybody, no matter what field of entertainment it is, rips on 50 Cent... it's out of sheer jelously because he went from rags to riches. Keep on hating but I hate to tell you, Curtis Jackson will keep having his money pile up.

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[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator] (select an action below) ______________ Report Abuse To Moderator Posted 11/23/2005 1:35am

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even though this is a total embarassment to game players everywhere and undoubtedly brings down the medium as a whole (VU games do me a favor, make quality games instead of trying to make a quick buck). But i cant be mad at "curt", no im just mad at the guy who shot him a buttload of times and let him survive....lil' advice AIM FOR THE HEAD NEXT TIME!!

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why all of you are so pissed off?he is just a entertainment product with b!tch titys

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....Okay, I've run out of words to say about this man. And there's only one thing left for me to do..... (pukes up blood and vomit) Okay. Moving on.... Someone Offscreen: Hey, you forgot about the movie! MOVING ON.......!!!!

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teaching tool? Yeah Right 50' .. " see kids, thats why you allways go for a clean headshot " ?.... Not mutch teaching tool over that.. Dooh!

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lol...50 cent is a genius........not!

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Retard Attempting Poetry His music sucks. Take away the music and hes talking to us.

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Its not ok for kids. They will eventually find out about stuff ,but just not now. 50 Cent can't get any more retarded.

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50 Cent, or Curtis Jackson, as I like to call him, is a extremely intelligent man, and I will get this game for my family. I trust that it will help me, as well as my children, bust caps in asses more efficiently and learn the street value of cocaine.

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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! .....teaching tool? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! .....life lessons!!? BAHAHAHAHAAA!!! paging Mr. Thompson, Mr. Jack Thompson!

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Most kids play M games so it's true.

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seriously...does ANYone like 50 cent? from reading all these replies, apparently not. and this isn't gonna help any. he just wants MORE money, like he needs it. ugh. this makes me sick.

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Two words: IDI-OT

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wow teach a kid about reality through a video game wow!!! not only did he come out with a crappy movie but also a crappy game what the hell does this guy know about making games or movies i'm surprise he even knows how to read how the hell are you going to teach children about violence theres already enough of that in the real world teach children how to read and write that's what I think and not some gansta bull sh*t

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meh..who cares about a stupid rapper anyway

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F**k You 50 **** y dont u just die u want us to buy ur damn boring game for our kids u really just want money

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actually people SHOULD buy this game and the main lesson learned will be that 50 is a lyin stupid prune who has to exagerate his own mildy perilous background into the gangsta fantasy he has perpetuated with his manufactured image and clever marketing strategy.........this would be the final nail in his coffin as worldwide people would wake up to see just how UNspecial this pac/biggie wannabe is. but then again the majority of people are too stupid/brainwashed to even care

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someone shud tell him to get a life...

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50 sucks and no one i know wil buy his game

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"I think what 50 Cent is trying to say is if you chose to let your child play the game, sit down with him/ her and explain to them what is happening. Nowadays, in modern society it's almost impossible to censor what the kids see, violence, sex, drug abuse etc are privilant on the television shows, the adverts it's innevitable at some point they will see these things and question them. Futhermore, I don't think he is actually saying go out and buy it for your kids, I think he means, if you do happen to buy it, don't worry about letting your kids play it, so long as you sit beside them and explain to them that it is just a game and the things they are seeing are wrong." I agree with this person here. Nowadays it's near enough impossible to censor what kids see in the media and 50 Cent is possibly trying to say that parents should explain to their kids, should they buy it, explain what things they're doing as 50 Cent in the game is wrong, and it is wrong to do in real life. Or 50 Cent could mean by the "Life Lessons" as a "Don't Be Like Me" sort of way. But a game such as this isn't the way to go about that. x.x

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I officially now like 50 cent.

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i loath 50 cent. using his game to teach kids not to be violent and not to do drugs is like a pimp telling his employees that they shouldn't be prostitutes.

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"Oh yeah! lets make all our kids stupid gangstas like 50 cent. im happy not living in the US with all that hip-hop trash. long live metal \m/" ^^^ rock on man ban 50 and his stupid game and movie!!!!!!!!!

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"Oh yeah! lets make all our kids stupid gangstas like 50 cent. im happy not living in the US with all that hip-hop trash. long live metal \m/" ^^^ Oh shut up you prat.

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he must be kiddin me!

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Lol, stop whining everyone. Sure teaching life lessons through this game is stupid but kids would really enjoy this game alot, my little bro cant get enough of San Andreas, so just buy them the damn game.

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Well, if it can't get any better than this. He's already imo, "Brain Cancer" for kids today. He shouldn't even get a video game in the first place, what a joke.

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idiot x( what did you expect from someone of his "intelligence"

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i like his music,but he's to high on himself what an idoit.