5 Things to Do When You Get Your PlayStation 3

You just bought your PlayStation 3. Find out what extras you should get to make the most of it.


The PlayStation 3 is coming into its own with Blu-ray on the rise, the Home interface on the way, and a solid stable of exclusive games. Some rather large price cuts also didn't hurt the console's palatibility. Massive improvements to the PlayStation Network have also made the PS3 a formidable competitor to the Xbox 360. For the late adopters, we've compiled a list of five must-dos once you get your console. Read on to find out what you should do to make the most of your new purchase.


The bigger, the better.
The bigger, the better.

If the Xbox 360 requires an HDTV, then that goes double for the PlayStation 3. PlayStation 3 games output fantastic visuals at 1080p, and the built-in Blu-ray player sweetens the deal. In short, Blu-ray does to DVD what the DVD did to VHS - a big improvement. The added clarity and color accuracy will make you want to rewatch all of your favorites.

HDTVs cost as little as $300 these days, and prices on larger screens continue to drop. A few years back you could expect to pay $2,000 to $3,000 for a 50-inch screen. Nowadays you can find one for a little more than $1,000. To properly use an HDTV, make sure to connect your console with an appropriate cable, an HDMI cable if possible, or component video cables if that isn't an option. Feel free to penny-pinch on the cables. Unless you need tremendously long cables, the cheapest set will likely work just fine.


Little Big Planet Uncharted Resistance MotorStorm Heavenly Sword Metal Gear Solid 4

The PlayStation 3 has a solid lineup of exclusive games to choose from. On the shooter side of the spectrum, check out Resistance: Fall of Man and Metal Gear Solid 4. For the racing fanatics, MotorStorm and Ridge Racer 7 are both excellent choices. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Heavenly Sword both offer up awesome experiences in the action genre. Little Big Planet should be great for laughs and a nearly limitless playing experience from its user-contributed content. Don't forget about all of the great cross-console content, including (to name a few) Grand Theft Auto 4, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and The Orange Box.

Online Games

Mortal Kombat 2 Tekken 5 Bionic Commando Super Stardust HD Mega Man 9

The PlayStation 3 has some great values sitting in its PlayStation Network. Download games such as Super Stardust HD, Bionic Commando Rearmed, and Tekken 5. These games have amazing production values, great gameplay and won't set you back more than $20. Take a trip down memory lane with games such as Mega Man 9 and Mortal Kombat 2. Enter your credit-card information into the PS3 to buy games, or head down to your nearest retailer to grab PSN Cards in increments of $20 and $50.


Bond, James Bond. Sony Bluray Remote

The PlayStation 3's Blu-ray player practically begs to be used. Consider it a gift that you might as well put to good use. Unfortunately, Blu-ray discs don't come cheap. The average movie runs at least $20, whereas many sit at $25 and even $30 price points. For those one-time itches, hit up a rental store or the used bin. Grab the PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Remote Control for about $20 to make life easier while viewing movies.

The Extras

Nyko Charge Station Madcatz PS3 Dual Wall Charger More Storage

No modern console is complete out of the box. Be sure to grab extra USB cables to recharge controllers, or grab a recharging dock from companies such as Nyko, Intec, or Mad Catz. Look into getting a laptop hard drive if you need more storage space on the PS3. Sony makes it easy to upgrade, and numerous third-party sizes and price points make upgrading palatable.

Our quick list covers the basic essentials for the PlayStation 3. There's plenty more out there in terms of games, peripherals, and extras that make the PS3 an even better gaming machine.

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