$5 Metro 2033 and Eternal Sonata in Xbox One/360 Weekly Deals

Valiant Hearts is just $10 on Xbox One, while the first two Monkey Island games are $2.50 each on 360.

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Microsoft has announced this week's Deals With Gold sale and, as usual, there's not a ton to be had on Xbox One. However, a handful of quality games are discounted for the next week--provided you're an Xbox Live Gold member.

Xbox One's three deals include only a single game: Valiant Hearts, the World War I puzzle-adventure game, is just $10. The other deals are for a pricey retro costume pack in Killer Instinct and a shortcut kit for Battlefield 4's engineer class (which is to say, you can pay to unlock various upgrades and weapons rather than needing to play to earn them).

Xbox 360 is where the week's best deals are. Valiant Hearts is even cheaper on last-gen hardware at $7.50, while Metro 2033, Eternal Sonata, and Tales of Vesperia can all be had for only $5 each. (If you like 2033, Metro: Last Light is only $10, but keep in mind both of these Metro game are not the HD remakes.) Also of note are the first two Monkey Island games, which are just $2.50 each--a real steal for such seminal adventure games.

You can check out the full list of deals, which run from today through September 22, below.

Xbox One:

Xbox 360:

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