4x4 Evolution

4x4 Evolution is a 4x4 off-road racing game that puts you squarely behind the wheel of an SUV or light truck. The game will feature 16 tracks and simultaneous multiplayer play for up to eight drivers.


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Terminal Reality's 4x4 Evolution is a 4x4 racing game that's all about rough-and-tumble off-road 4x4 racing. You'll be able to choose from a variety of real-life SUVs and light trucks and go tearing around on the track, the road, the bushes, the trees, the roadblocks, and whatever else happens to be directly in front of you. The game will include 16 distinctive courses on which to race; each has a completely different layout and design, background music track, difficulty level, and different obstacles.

Although 4x4 Evolution will have a great deal of fast-paced arcade-style racing and a host of multiplayer features, it'll also feature a comprehensive single-player game. In single-player mode, you'll begin the game with a no-frills stripped-down truck and enter a series of off-road races. As you win each race, you'll earn prize money, which you can then spend on a great number of enhancements to your vehicle, like better tires, improved suspension, and much more.

4x4 Evolution will also feature standard Internet and LAN multiplayer play for up to eight players on the PC. However, its most interesting feature is cross-platform multiplayer options. Specifically, 4x4 Evolution will include special peer-to-peer multiplayer matching, which will let players of the PC, Mac, and Dreamcast versions simultaneously compete with each other online.

Off-road enthusiasts looking for a little cross-platform competition won't have to wait long for 4x4 Evolution. The game is due out in August of this year.

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