4x4 Evolution ship date set

Take-Two Interactive sets the ship date for the PS2 version of its off-road racing game.


Take-Two Interactive has announced that its PlayStation 2 off-road racing game, 4X4 Evolution, will ship to retailers on March 27. Developed by Terminal Reality, the game features 15 courses cluttered with such ambient objects as gates, trees, tractors in junkyards, and oncoming traffic in construction zones. There are three different modes in the game, including career, quick race, and time attack.

"Terminal Reality solidified its reputation as one of the top developers of simulation games with the release of 4x4 Evolution," Mike Wilson, CEO of Godgames, said. "The PlayStation 2 version of 4x4 Evolution will give even more gamers the opportunity to experience the real-world physics, rugged racing style, licensed vehicles, new enhancements, and blazing speed of this ultrarealistic console game."

Exclusive to the PlayStation 2 version are three new vehicles, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2WD, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4WD, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee Race SUV. Other features in the PS2 version are improved driving physics and enhanced graphics.

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