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Amazon Germany taking preorders for entry-level version of Microsoft's redesigned console; no price or release date confirmed as yet.


At the Electronic Entertainment Expo last month, Microsoft unveiled its newly redesigned slimline Xbox 360. Revealed with a flourish at the end of the software giant's Kinect-dominated press briefing, the new console has a 250GB hard drive, built-in N-wireless connectivity, and a new 45nm chipset, which uses a much quieter cooling system than its older, bigger, and louder siblings.

Amazon Germany appears to have outed the new entry-level Xbox 360.
Amazon Germany appears to have outed the new entry-level Xbox 360.

Unlike the now-discontinued Elite and Arcade, the new Xbox has no particular name other than its hard drive size designation. The $300 console is also currently the only model in production--officially, anyway. However, Microsoft reps told GameSpot that the company is readying a new entry-level version of the console to replace the hard drive-less Arcade, which at $200, had directly competed with the Wii as the cheapest current-generation consoles on the market.

Though Microsoft wouldn't comment on the new $200 Xbox's technical specifications, it looks like Amazon Germany is. A product listing on the megaretailer's site for the Central European country is now accepting preorders for an "Xbox 360 4 GB Arcade System Bundle." If valid, the listing indicates that unlike the Arcade, the new base-level 360 will have memory capabilities beyond the bare minimum required to run the Xbox 360 dashboard.

As of press time, Microsoft had not responded to requests for comment on the listing, which bears no price or release date. For more on the 250GB Xbox 360 Slim, check out the E3 unboxing video below.

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