4.1 million PlayStation Move controllers shipped worldwide

[UPDATE] Sony announces new global shipment statistics for LED-capped wand central to motion-sensing system that debuted in September.


Just one day after Microsoft announced it had sold 2.5 million Kinect units in 25 days, Sony has fired back, announcing new sales figures for its motion-control technology, the PlayStation Move.

Since debuting in mid-September in North America and Europe, and in October in Japan, the PlayStation Move controller has sold over 4.1 million units worldwide. Sony did not announce sales numbers for other Move system components, such as the PlayStation Eye or navigation controller.

Sony enlisted the help of faux spokesperson Kevin Butler to help Move move.
Sony enlisted the help of faux spokesperson Kevin Butler to help Move move.

[UPDATE] Sony has since clarified its initial announcement, saying that the 4.1 million figure represents "global sales for the company" to retailers--i.e. units shipped. "While we don't disclose our exact sell-through number, the key is that our retailers continue to ask for more Move units and are taking every unit we can supply them with based on their sales," a rep told GameSpot.

The PlayStation Move launched in Europe on September 15, North America on September 17, and in Japan on October 21. The system consists of the LED-capped wand controller and the PlayStation Eye camera, and it is available in a variety of configurations. Controllers are sold on their own for $50, bundled with the PlayStation Eye camera and minigames compilation Sports Champions for $100, or with all that and a 320GB PlayStation 3 for $400.

Although games like Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 sell for full price, a line of first-party PlayStation Move-specific games sells for just $40 each. There are currently 24 Move-compatible games on the market, with another 16 planned to ship by March 31.

Looking ahead, two of Sony's flagship franchises' latest installments--Killzone 3 and Little Big Planet 2--will ship with PlayStation Move support.

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