$400 Fallout 4 Power Armor Figure Stands 14 Inches Tall

You'll be able to mix and match armor sets as they release.


No, it's not Power Armor that you can put on and wear. It's actually an action figure of sorts that features the male version of Fallout 4's protagonist in Power Armor. And now, details have come out on how to preorder one for yourself.

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The 1/6th scale Fallout 4 T-45 Power Armor Collectible Figure is made by Threezero and will be available to preorder starting January 27 at 5 PM PST. No shipping date has been confirmed. We've posted some pictures above, but you can see the rest on the toy manufacturer's Facebook page.

The figure stands at 14.5" tall and has over 35 points of articulation. Its fingers can be moved to hold the packed-in AER-9 Laser Rifle--buying it online also gets you a Minigun. Additionally, it comes with an exchangeable head and helmet, so you can choose to show the sole survivor's face. The helmet features an LED light.

The Power Armor pieces are detachable, so you can strip it down completely or use other upcoming armor sets to mix and match.

If you want this figure for yourself, you can preorder it at Threezero's website on January 27. The online version with the Minigun costs $398, while the retail version will cost $380.

In related news, one player recreated BioShock Infinite's Columbia in Fallout 4, while another created a mod that lets you play around in the Capital Wasteland in all four seasons. And if you're longing for another Obsidian-developed Fallout game, you might be interested to hear the New Vegas developer is interested in making another entry in the series.

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