$40 Super Street Fighter IV spotted - Retail Radar

Online retailer opens up preorders for upgraded version of Capcom's hit fighter with a discount price point, pegs release date as late March.


When Capcom revealed Super Street Fighter IV last month, it said the revamped version of February's fighting game blockbuster would arrive with about eight more characters, new moves, and a discount price point. While the publisher wouldn't specify further at the time, GameStop is now accepting preorders for the title on its online store, with a $39.99 asking price.

Dee Jay will join the cast of characters for Super Street Fighter IV.
Dee Jay will join the cast of characters for Super Street Fighter IV.

The GameStop listing also offers a tentative release date for the game. Where Capcom has only said the game would arrive in the spring, GameStop has it pegged as a March 23 release on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Much like super Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter IV takes the source material and shakes it up primarily by adding new characters to the mix. In addition to extra fighters, Capcom's newest double-dip will also feature new Ultra Combos for every character, enhanced online play, balancing tweaks, and more. Three of the new cast members have already been revealed, with Super II veterans T. Hawk and Dee Jay making their returns to the series, and Korean tae kwon do expert Juri appearing for the first time.

Capcom also mentioned a bonus it would offer to gamers who purchased the original Street Fighter IV as well as its Super upgrade, but did not specify what that would be. As of press time, the publisher did not respond to requests for confirmation on the GameStop listing information. For more on Super Street Fighter IV, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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